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  1. And I did liked that because I myself did not like Windows Firewall I have to get something extra to make it perform to my liking. Good thing Binisoft is there. But it's all history now.
  2. Hello, Sorry for late reply. Just to conclude this topic as solved Had luck applying the new global rules and backing it up. See image below. Thanks again
  3. OK will try that. So please check what I am about to do here: 1. Reset ONLY Global firewall rules 2. Check Application Rules if they are still the same. 3. Backup settings again (so the new global firewall rules will be "exported" when I save my settings) as seen in the "Export Settings" dialogue box(all is checked). Outside of that, how can I edit the global firewall rues? Thanks
  4. Does that mean in order for me to use the "new global rules" I have to again make all my application rules from scratch?! Isn't there a way for me to just edit the global rules manually so I when I save the new config it'll be with my existing application rules? Recreating all those specific rules per application is time consuming.
  5. Hello, Just got confused as I also have received a similar pop-up when I updated earlier. Just wanna ask if I do the instructions above will I loose my existing application rules? I did not do the above yet and just saved my config settings. (Re: Anti-Malware Settings , see image below) I see that in the "export settings" the application and global firewall rules are together. What happens when I do the "instructions above" and then import it (saved config settings) again after? Thanks!
  6. Sorry for the very late reply I was hospitalized. So EIS does not block it..tsk..tsk..I recently checked in my Win 7 partition with EAM and it too has the same behavior. Will check out the beta. I have posted previously of this behavior and it's becoming an on-off issue with Emsisoft.....
  7. Hi GT500, -- No WsChrome.exe is NOT running before EIS starts. WSChrome.exe is being triggered when you start Filmora.exe. It isn't an autorun. There are no exclusions to the Filmora folder as I place block rules there especially for outgoing/incoming connections. See image when Filmora is not running. See image when Filmora is executed. EIS only blocks WsChrome.exe when you manually double-click WsChrome.exe to run it.
  8. Hello, I have set a certain program "WsChrome.exe" of Wondershare Filmora when I run Filmora.exe but it still runs. See image attached. I do not know if EIS really blocks it or not but Process Hacker shows that it is still running. From I I understand and know WsChrome.exe should be blocked and NOR RUNNING at all. Using EIS version Please help
  9. Thank you for the reply guys. @GT500, On the gui updating issue and wording....will just wait for the fix. On the GoogleUpdate.exe loading before EIS..hmmm..if Sysinternal Autoruns keeps it at bay for week or until there's another chrome update then I'll let it stand. Thanks Arthur @JeremyNicoll, Thanks for the tip there. I will check it out.
  10. Back here for observations in Win 8.1. Rules were also the same for GoogleUpdate.exe. There is no "dragon_updater.exe" in the Comod Dragon Portable browser unlike in Win 7. See image below. Launching Process Hacker there was no instances of blocked programs running. It was until I checked SystInternals Autoruns that in the Scheduled Tasks I have unchecked GoogleUpdate.exe. That maybe the case why there was no instance of GoogleUpdate.exe upon boot. See image. Manually executing GoogleUpdate.exe was also blocked with the same misleading words. See image below. Just to check I checked Opera browser's opera_autoupdate.exe and opera_crashreporter.exe. Though the behavior is different --both only launch when launcher.exe of opera is executed manually. No instances of blocked programs seen. See images below. The issue with the gui is the same(wasn't able to get the screenshot sorry). Edit : This is the screenshot for the gui of Win 8.1
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