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  1. And I did liked that because I myself did not like Windows Firewall I have to get something extra to make it perform to my liking. Good thing Binisoft is there. But it's all history now.
  2. Hello, Sorry for late reply. Just to conclude this topic as solved Had luck applying the new global rules and backing it up. See image below. Thanks again
  3. OK will try that. So please check what I am about to do here: 1. Reset ONLY Global firewall rules 2. Check Application Rules if they are still the same. 3. Backup settings again (so the new global firewall rules will be "exported" when I save my settings) as seen in the "Export Settings" dialogue box(all is checked). Outside of that, how can I edit the global firewall rues? Thanks
  4. Does that mean in order for me to use the "new global rules" I have to again make all my application rules from scratch?! Isn't there a way for me to just edit the global rules manually so I when I save the new config it'll be with my existing application rules? Recreating all those specific rules per application is time consuming.
  5. Hello, Just got confused as I also have received a similar pop-up when I updated earlier. Just wanna ask if I do the instructions above will I loose my existing application rules? I did not do the above yet and just saved my config settings. (Re: Anti-Malware Settings , see image below) I see that in the "export settings" the application and global firewall rules are together. What happens when I do the "instructions above" and then import it (saved config settings) again after? Thanks!
  6. Sorry for the very late reply I was hospitalized. So EIS does not block it..tsk..tsk..I recently checked in my Win 7 partition with EAM and it too has the same behavior. Will check out the beta. I have posted previously of this behavior and it's becoming an on-off issue with Emsisoft.....
  7. Hi GT500, -- No WsChrome.exe is NOT running before EIS starts. WSChrome.exe is being triggered when you start Filmora.exe. It isn't an autorun. There are no exclusions to the Filmora folder as I place block rules there especially for outgoing/incoming connections. See image when Filmora is not running. See image when Filmora is executed. EIS only blocks WsChrome.exe when you manually double-click WsChrome.exe to run it.
  8. Hello, I have set a certain program "WsChrome.exe" of Wondershare Filmora when I run Filmora.exe but it still runs. See image attached. I do not know if EIS really blocks it or not but Process Hacker shows that it is still running. From I I understand and know WsChrome.exe should be blocked and NOR RUNNING at all. Using EIS version Please help
  9. Thank you for the reply guys. @GT500, On the gui updating issue and wording....will just wait for the fix. On the GoogleUpdate.exe loading before EIS..hmmm..if Sysinternal Autoruns keeps it at bay for week or until there's another chrome update then I'll let it stand. Thanks Arthur @JeremyNicoll, Thanks for the tip there. I will check it out.
  10. Back here for observations in Win 8.1. Rules were also the same for GoogleUpdate.exe. There is no "dragon_updater.exe" in the Comod Dragon Portable browser unlike in Win 7. See image below. Launching Process Hacker there was no instances of blocked programs running. It was until I checked SystInternals Autoruns that in the Scheduled Tasks I have unchecked GoogleUpdate.exe. That maybe the case why there was no instance of GoogleUpdate.exe upon boot. See image. Manually executing GoogleUpdate.exe was also blocked with the same misleading words. See image below. Just to check I checked Opera browser's opera_autoupdate.exe and opera_crashreporter.exe. Though the behavior is different --both only launch when launcher.exe of opera is executed manually. No instances of blocked programs seen. See images below. The issue with the gui is the same(wasn't able to get the screenshot sorry). Edit : This is the screenshot for the gui of Win 8.1
  11. -- Yes path is the same. Thanks for the reply. Back here again, Just got home and booted to the Win 7 partitio with EIS. Deleted all the rules for Comodo Dragon browser and Google Chrome browser and recreated it from scratch. Restarted and opened Process Hacker. GoogleUpdate.exe was the only one remaining there running after boot. The setting was as the same "Always block...". Deleted that particular rule for GoogleUpdate.exe, rebooted. Set the rule again as "Alway block...". Rebooted and there it was running again after boot. I had to use Systeinternals autoruns.exe to delete the scheduled task for Google Chrome update. Restarted/Rebooted. Check via Process Hacker if there was GoogleUpdate.exe running. There was none. So I think it was the deletion of the scheduled task that prevented it from running after boot and not EIS because if I did ot delete the scheduled task it still executed after boot. -- GoogleUpdate.exe and dragon_updater.exe executes upon boot. Do you mean that EIS cannot block that behavior (autorun upon boot) and needs the "blocked-program" be executed for EIS to be able to apply the created rule of "Always block..." ? It has already been executed (autorun upon boot)... and EIS did not block GoogleUpdate.exe. I went to, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe and double-click GoogleUpdate.exe and it was block but again it said that it was a virus. Thw wroding is misleading there. See image below. I rememebr I posted a similar observation previously http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/19332-always-block-this-applicationimpossible-to-run-because-the-file-contains-a-virus-etc/ Manual execution of GoogleUpdate.exe is blocked by EIS. Now for the gui --"Initializing but in actual it's already updating". In my other partition with EAM it's "Updating but the percentages are not in synch -- the tray icon seems t be correct always and notthe gui". I wasn't able to get the screenshots needed sorry. Well I guess that all it takes is that EIS updates. It's just that when your in a hurry and need to be atop of every minute that counts that is a bit annoying...(only a bit can live with that) . It's the block rule that I am not amenable. I can always install a 3rd party app like NVT_ERP or NVT_Smart Object Blocker but it would be redundant because EIS is powerful enough. That is why even I ahve MBAM Premium installed it's always used as on-demand. Will still be observing and comparing Win7 and Win 8.1 EIS behavior.
  12. posted by GT500 The rule is only processed when the blocked program starts. If it is already running when you create the rule, the rule doesn't take effect until the blocked program is terminated, and then it won't be able to execute again. --- I created the rules from scratch so I did not run the program and wait for the pop-up so a rule will be created. If you know how and what EIS to implement a rule for programs you have. Rule has been created beforehand and before I launched the program. I just happened to glance at Process Hacker --check if some programs aren't blocked and there it was running even though the rule has been created already beforehand. To confirm I ran dragon.exe and also there it was dragon_updater.exe executed even thought (as stated) rules were created before launching the mother program. ​-- Last time I checked it seems to be functioning now but it is intermittent. Still observing here. Thanks there.
  13. Hello, Why when I set a certain program as "blocked" --Always block this application (impossible to run) still the program runs..? I thought that it is impossible to run...? What's the use of stating there that it's "impossible to run" but i reality the Behavioral Blocker decides on it's own. I wanna set it to block as I do manual updating. I update after I do a system image backup so if there are issues I can just go and recover. See images below. I also wanna ask why the gui says always "Initializing" but it's actually updating. See image below. Can't you fix this....? It used to be that when I right-click the tray icon >Update now, the gui shows exactly what is the percentage of the update. Now the last two version updates are like this. I have to point to the tray icon to see the status of the update. I am not always connected to the internet and the gui isn't helping me to be informed "properly" if the updates are pushing through or taking so long...to be informed of the status I need to point to the tray icon. This is annoying. Kindly explain please.
  14. Got three "Error occurred" as I was to submit the file to Emsisoft. When I tried to re-scan the file it said "No quarantine items were detected as false positives". What's going on here....? (Just updated to Build 5984 earlier).
  15. Thanks for the reply. -- Well I hope this will be corrected as it sends a wrong signal to the user. It can be done on the part of the devs. -- I just checked earlier and it's still like that. I was checking Process Explorer but it wasn't running. I guess it does get blocked I mean the wpsupdate.exe but the one that is bothering me is the trigger launch from the gui of wpp.exe. -- Will submit. It was quarantined automatically.
  16. Hello, Some questions on EIS if I may. A. Always block this application(impossible to run) -- because the file contains a virus! Setting "Always block this application(impossible to run)" to an executable in EIS produces an alert that the executable is a virus but EIS scan says it is not. It seems that EIS default pop-up alert for all that is set as "Always block this application(impossible to run)" is prejudged as "the file contains a virus" even it is not. It can be confirmed when you manually scan the executable file. Prejugding a file as containing a virus while EIS's own scanner says "No suspicious files were detected during the scan." See observations below: 1. Set as Kingsoft's updateself.exe / wpsupdate.exe as "Always block this application(impossible to run)" Set Kingsoft's updateself.exe / wpsupdate.exe as "Always block this application(impossible to run)". Try to launch Kingsoft's updateself.exe / wpsupdate.exe via double-clicking it an alert will pop-up saying "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus". Scan Kingsoft's updateself.exe / wpsupdate.exe with EIS. EIS says "No suspicious files were detected during the scan." See image below. View report below: updateself_virus.png Why is it that EIS is stating that the file "contains a virus" but when you scan it EIS says otherwise....? 2. Set opera_autoupdate.exe as "Always block this application(impossible to run)". Try to launch opera_autoupdate.exe via double-clicking it an alert will pop-up saying "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus". Scan opera_autoupdate.exe with EIS. EIS says "No suspicious files were detected during the scan." See image below. View report below: opera_autoupdate_virus_popup.png 3. Set Glary Utilities 5 CheckUpdate.exe as "Always block this application(impossible to run)". Try to launch opera_autoupdate.exe via double-clicking it an alert will pop-up saying "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus". Scan opera_autoupdate.exe with EIS. EIS says "No suspicious files were detected during the scan." See image below. View report below: glary_CheckUpdate_popup.png 4. Set Emsisoft's very own HijackFree --a2hijackfree.exe as "Always block this application(impossible to run)". Try to launch a2hijackfree.exe via double-clicking it an alert will pop-up saying "Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus". Scan a2hijackfree.exe with EIS. EIS says "No suspicious files were detected during the scan." See image below. View report below: Emsisoft_a2hijackfree_virus popup.png B. Kingsoft wpsupdate.exe set at "Always block this application(impossible to run)" can run momentarily via wpp.exe gui As wpsupdate.exe has been blocked and set as "Always block this application(impossible to run)". I checked if it can be executed via the Kingsoft Office applications gui -- wps.exe -- Kingsoft Writer / et.exe -- Kingsoft Spreadsheets / wpp.exe -- Kingsoft Presentations. Clicked the question mark (?) at the top-right-corner of the gui. Drop down menu shows. Clicked "Check for Updates". There was no evidence of wpsupdate.exe executing or running with wps.exe / et.exe BUT with wpp.exe -- Kingsoft Presentations there is momentarily. There is a pop-up that says, "Can't access the Internet, please try it later. May be the internet connection is failed. Or the updater is blocked by the firewall. Or the proxy settings are incorrect." Why is it that there is still an execution of wpsupdate.exe. I believe if you set "Always block this application(impossible to run)" to an executable/application it should be impossible to run it right..? See images attached. C. Kingsoft's Presentation "wpp.exe" quarantined because it has been classified as "Behavior.DirectDiskAccess". What to do with this..? See image below.
  17. Hi, I am having issues with Online Armor Premium with restoring a saved configuration file. The install went fine after the approval of the license. Restarted and learning process went okay but when I restored a saved configuration the file name of the config file did not show. Not only that the "Programs tab" did not contain anything including the "Firewall tab". It was also very difficult to restart and I had to reboot via the desktop button. This is on a Win 7 x64 bit desktop with Avira Free as main AV (formerly had a different firewall completely removed). Is there anything that I need to check or do? I can't seem to make it work out...Help please.. Malik
  18. I just re-installed Online Armor Premium and it seems I cannot import/restore my saved configuration. Now it's a bit tiresome to do it again from scratch..can't there be a way to restore it successfully? Tried to uninstall(booted twice)/re-install OA Premium but it was the same when I tried to import a saved config file. Never had this experience before..This is a first for me on this issue. Actually all my saved config file I cannot restore. Help.
  19. Hello Route 414, Thank you for reply. I seem to have noticed that when iw as setting a rule in OA Premium I cannot set it right. I was doing an Advanced Options>Start Application>Allow except rule but upon clicking OK the rule isn't set. The icon for the 'start applications' is still in "?" (Ask) and does not show an arrow (More). Only when I disabled EsetNOD32 HIPS did the problem vanished. Did you ran EsetNOD32 Hips alongside OA Premium..? I have EsetNOD32 ver5.0.95.0 alongside OA Premium
  20. Jus a quick question here. Anyone using or have used Eset NOD32 AV (either ver4 or 5) with OA Premium...? I'd like to hear some observations and some inputs as to the experience of using both. Any advices also Thank you. malik
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