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  1. Hi Lynx, It is not worth raising a new thread for an item of such minor interest. You are sure to be right about the lack of correlation with your recent post on download problems; so sorry for any unnecessary confusion. Cheers The good news is MalaWare does work with Wine v 1.2, it downloads instantaneously and only takes about 30 seconds to run.
  2. Hi Lynx, I didn't rush to report this. However, as the former a² USB version worked with Wine I was just enquiring if EEK has worked with Wine. I may be the isolated instance and I'm sure to be one of very few, so I don't expect EMSI to fix it for me. Cheers to all
  3. Hi, EEK has never worked for me using Linux and Wine as I always get a missing file message (whereas the discontinued a² version did work - except for the Command Line option which, in any case, I don't use). If anyone has used EEK successfully with Linux and Wine (currently I use Wine v 1.2) I would be interested to know. My regards Lynx, you are always a huge help to me, but this is neither urgent nor vital to me; so please treat this post accordingly.
  4. Hi, I have a ¨free¨ bus pass, but I had to apply for it. Does that make it less free? The required registration is one-off and permanent (not renewable annually or otherwise). The three days is merely a convenient period of grace in which to make such registration. I cannot comment as regards technical difficulties with registration or conflict (if any) with any other program, but I know some men who can (and surely will). Let us at least read what they have to say within the next half dozen or so hours. I didn´t get either the new Installed or USB products to work, but I have been a very well satisfied ¨free¨ customer for many years and I do not believe that there is suddenly a malicious conspiracy directed against me and other free users. My regards
  5. Hi Ray and all readers, viewers and listeners, I looked at the pictures but the voices were beyond my comprehension. Perhaps Lynx will act as interpreter as it would not surprise me if he could find an automated way to do that. My regards
  6. Hi, My usual Custom Scan speed has improved by more than 10% (after todayś changes downloaded using http://download1.emsisoft.com/a2usb.zip ). My regards
  7. Firzen771, I suggest you do some research and then rectify your wild and foolish assertion above. Cheers
  8. Hi again, I comment only because my scan time has suddenly and unexpectedly worsened substantially. It is an absolute fact that, since yesterday, my Custom Scan is taking more than 1/3rd longer. I would like to know if other Forum members are also experiencing this particular slow down. My regards
  9. Hi Fabian, I expect, with your knowledge, you are right about the cache, but I do not have a speed increase. My base scan time has increased by more than 1/3rd. My regards
  10. Hi, Here is the screenshot of my Custom scan Here is the screenshot of the identically same scan run a few minutes later The first scan took took more than 4 minutes, but the second identical scan took less than 1 minute. I can replicate this at will, but I ask if others can replicate this behaviour and if it is to be expected? My regards The reason I did this repeat scan is because up to yesterday (before the advertised increase in scanning speed) the first scan (and until then, the only scan) took less than 3 minutes.