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  1. Hi, sorry - it is windows XP 32 bit with sp3, updated. It is not the server issue,exe transfer issue, or the ie7 security issue. I am in safe mode with networking right now, and a-squared HiJackFree is working well. Please help. I think it is one of my security programs that is blocking it in the normal start-up. I have to go to sleep now as it is 3:40 am Pacific Time. I will look for the posts when I wake up. Thanks again. All other executables are accessible.
  2. Hi, when I download and install a-squared HiJackFree, I get this error - "createprocess failed code 5 access is denied" - when starting a-squared HiJackFree from the install finish. and then when I start a-squared HiJackFree from it's folder/ desktop icon or start- all programs menu, I get this error - "windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I know it is not a user ownership issue; I am the administrator-but regardless, I have taken all the steps to ensure this after this issue came up from searching the error code. Now, an interesting thing, I have started in safe mode, and a-squared HiJackFree does work. Not only that, but in safe-mode the desk-top short-cut image of the a-squared HiJackFree icon is there; while in normal adminisrator start-up mode the a-squared HiJackFree desk-top icon is just a box without the a-squared HiJackFree image. I know one of my security programs is blocking a-squared HiJackFree, but i'm not sure which one. Here is the list; please bear with me, because I use layered security, and have a lot of security programs (but no security suites except Greatis.) Some I can configure files in a white list, but others no. Here is the list: Malwarebytes, superantispyware, Iobit 360 Pro, avast pro, comodo firewall/defense plus, spyware terminator, winpatrol, and greatis regrun suite. Seems like a lot, but they work well together. I only know how to white-list files in comodo and spyware terminator. I don't even know if you can white-list files in the other security programs. As I have done, I exited each program and tried to start a-squared HiJackFree, but I got the error - windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. the only prrogram I can not end from the computers memory with the task manger is avast as I get the unable to terminate error. (But I turn every shield off in avast.) As I said, a-squared HiJackFree will start in safe-mode, but not the normal start-up in the administrator account. And after the install the a-squared HiJackFree desktop icon is a box in normal mode, but is the correct a-squared HiJackFree desk-top icon image in safe mode. I think it is one of my security programs, please help. Thank you.