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  1. Hi again, Back again with another curious what does this mean question. As background, this is a previously owned computer that had 11 Trojans on it when I got it. I have 17 local host connections listed. What are these connections doing and why? B
  2. It wasn't listed that way but I hit the reset button and it popped up as the trusted gateway then. Thanks for your reply. B
  3. Hello, Thanks in advance for answering what is probably a silly question but I don't "get it." When I click on the computer tab I see two computers listed. The first one is Me per ipconfig /all. It has the same IP address as Me except for the last number--say my IP is other computer listed would be This is the same IP address as the default gateway when I do an ipconfig /all. The MAC numbers for these computers are totally different on the OA firewall computer tab. (still with me?) Is the second computer listed my router? Just trying to understand this stuff. B
  4. OK, thanks. I'm getting an education with these things. It's been interesting. B
  5. Yes, thank you. I'm puzzled about WHY it was blocked though. do you have any insight into that? B
  6. Hi catprincess, Yes, thank you. I've found it now. It was blocked. B
  7. Hello, Thanks in advance for any help I receive on this. I am trying to finish cleaning up my PC after doing battle with about 11 Trojans with the help of Geeks to Go (who recommended the OA firewall to me). Unfortunately, when I try to use the system restore in tools I get a message that OA is blocking the rstrui.dll. How do I get the firewall to let system restore do its thing? I don't recall blocking this myself since I have not used this tool previously. BTW, I really like this firewall. Thanks for your consideration. B