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  1. Currently I have NIS2012 and also Emsisoft Antimalware and have been using this combination for some time without known problems. I have been considerting the 3 PC package of Emsisoft Antimalware and Online Armor Premium and in the description of that package it referred to the antivirus component. I now believe that the antivirus part refered to is contained within the Antimalware and if that is the case there should be no problem. Your indication that OAP does not contain antivirus would seemingly confirm that.
  2. I need to renew my licence for Emsisoft Antimalware and have the option to purchase Online Armor bundle for three PC's. I see that there could be conflicts with Rapport but a workaround being to disable Rapport, but is there a conflict with NIS 2012 as this has an antivirus component and I understand that Online Armor does also have antivirus and one does not have two antivirus applications on the same PC.
  3. Thank you both You have confirmed my thoughts in respect of deleting the rules and then reassessing the relevent websites if and when they reappear. Thanks
  4. I am using a- squared antimalware and over the past week or so my family have been using the PC and that when a-squared came up with a warning of a potentially unsafe site they have been playing safe and clicked on “deny”, - such that I now find that the “Host Rules” of a-squared antimalware is full of websites and explains as to why I could not access sites that I could previously. I have removed the rules for sites that I know are OK. The question I would pose is:-Could I safely delete all of the sites contained in the “Host Rules” safely and then expect a-squared to ask as to deny or not wh
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