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  1. All the components used to run 20MB total but now the oasrv.exe runs 40MB by itself. Why? I turned off all elements except Program Guard and it is still 40MB+ Why the doubling in RAM usage? Windows 7 64-bit, Avast 6, 4GB RAM
  2. PS: And those apps are still Green Bordered. According to Process Explorer the only Privilege listed is SeChangeNotifyPrivilege Default Enabled Nothing else.
  3. What risk that I wouldn't have if I had no HIPs running? I still have selected Internet-facing apps to be "Run Safe." And I still have my other antivirus layers. If the "risk" = no HIPs then I'll take it.
  4. The one feature I love about online armor -- and I would pay a small amount for it -- is the "Run Safer" (Drop My Rights) feature. I turn off all other features except for the Program Guard that enables "Run Safer." BUT . . . I hate the constant HIPs popups (I dislike HIPs in general but that's a user preference). Is this a solution? I read about Learning Mode, turned it on, and now I get the Run Safer Green Border without popups. Does that mean Run Safer is working properly? If so, I think Emsisoft ought to consider selling this as a separate product.
  5. Thanks, guys. I already read those two items but the one that got me thinking is this one: http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/reducing-browser-privileges It is the only actual malware test that I have found of Drop My Rights. Since MS really pushes dropping rights, one would think there would be more tests. Perhaps there are such tests? NOTE: The "N" (Normal) setting did let by half the viruses (roughly) and that test was run in 2005. I've read that malware has gotten more savvy since then. On the other hand, the "C" (Constrained) setting blocked all malware when they ran this (admittedly old) test. BUT . . . I could only get Drop My Rights to work with my browsers in "N" mode. They wouldn't open in C or U (I have IE 9, Google Chrome 10, FF 4 on Windows 7 64-bit). My _guess_ is that "Run Safer" is the "Normal" mode and thus provides some protection but not so much in 2011? Just a guess, hence my inquiry. If OA has run tests, that would be interesting. Thanks again!
  6. I read a lengthy description of Drop My Rights which speaks of THREE types of limited user settings: Normal (N): lets some viruses by in testing. Constrained ©: recommended setting and no viruses got by an unprotected system Untrusted (U) What level is OA "Run Safer"? I keep telling people to avoid the hassles of Drop My Rights by going with OA but this question came up. I'd put the link to the N versus C versus U here if any one wants it (it comes from a rival vendor though).
  7. PS: When I run my browsers (FF, Chrome) Sandboxed, the green border no longer appears. In fact, since Avast 6 when I run them UN-sandboxed, the OA Green Border is NOT THERE? Is there a conflict??
  8. I have been using Avast 6 with OA Free. I like the "Run Safer" feature lacking in other programs. Now that Avast has Sandbox and Auto Sandbox do I need to tick "Run Safer" option to lower permission rights on browsers? Before any one says "extra layers can''t hurt...," well, they can hurt performance (one reason why I know so many people who have switched to Mac because of the antimalware performance hit, not to mention the malware in the first place). Avast Sandbox + Auto Sandbox at least as good as "Run Safer"? Redundancy? (I know they do somewhat different things but the point is -- can I do without "Run Safer" and simply sandbox my browsers?). Plus I read that malware is moving to user-mode as well. Thanks!
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