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  1. Lynx Thanks for the reply XP Home SP3, Zone Alarm, Avast, Spywareblaster, Superantispyware, Malwarebytes. Broadband 8MB connection. You're missing my point on the totals. What I can see and what you've copied is the total on my system, which, going back to my first post, was (and I suspect is) around 200,000 over what it should be. I'm basing this on comparison with what I could see (until a few days ago) at http://www.emsisoft.com/en/ But that total no longer appears since the MalAware 1.0 section was added. On updating, the cancel/try again approach usually works, albeit not always at the first attempt. I hear what you're saying about the currently up to date message, but given the slow program load, stuttering update and extremely slow update installation, I'm concerned that A2 may not be functioning properly. As you'll see from my system info, I adopt a blunderbuss approach to security - if one doesn't get the nasties, the other will, so I doubt if my security has been compromised. I'm just wondering if it's worth continuing using A2.
  2. As post on 27/11/09, same problems with updates and now program taking ages to load. I assume database still not in synch - I say assume as I can no longer find the total on the EMSI site, but there's been no significant decrease in the number shown on my system (3377313). Like others, I continue to be offered the unnecessary 49MB updates. So it's slow to load and painful to update. How do I know it's still reliable?
  3. Nearly two weeks now and still a 200000 difference. Downloading updates stutters and farts it's way along and installation has slowed to a crawl. As nothing has changed on my system, I presume all this is down to the out of synch condition. So how long till back in synch and why ie it out of synch in any case?
  4. Thanks Lynx. But can you define "soon". No synch yet. Current definitions totals are 3440776 on my system and 3243468 on the EMSI site.
  5. Since the 59MB+ update earlier this week, there's been a bigger than usual discrepancy between the Malware signature on my system and the EMSI site - currently 3430431 on my system and 3234223 on the EMSI site after updating this morning. Why such a large discrepancy?