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  1. I changed the homepage in the internet link instead of thru Firefox and it works. I restarted my computer and scanned with CA Security Suite and got: 2 instances of AtlasDMT.com tracking cookies and 3 instances of Skintrim FY Trojan. Could these be false positives? Re the Excite.com homepage- Malwarebytes starts blocking urls to 222 and the page will never fully load.
  2. Yes, it tries to load excite and does not complete it. My homepage was changed to MSN.
  3. I can not find out how to do that at CA. I noticed that I can not change some of the settings on CA Security Suite, possibly the malware is causing or prohibiting my changing some of the settings which would add to the protection. I restarted my computer with full A Sqared Anti-Malware and it is running fine except that my homepage is still captured. A Squared Anti-Malware has blocked many urls trying to gain access to my computer. I ran a full scan again last night and nothing showed up.
  4. I use CA Security Suite and every time I restart it detects three instances of Skin Trim FY and deletes them. No other malware every detects the Skin Trim. I have used malwarebytes and A squared, Avast and a few others they only detect tracking cookies. Recently I my homepage is being hijacked. I have tried to change the homepage but it does not work.
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