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  1. Hi, Hijackfree is more a diagnostic tool to help you identify potential infection.
  2. Hi, May be you can exclude a folder where you put all your samples ?
  3. Hi, A french customer reported an issue like yours. It was a conflict with Webshield only. I submitted a bug report with logs that sent me cuirassier.fr. I hope that the devs will fix this issue soon Regards, MaB
  4. Salut MaB,

    J'espère que tu as passé un bon réveillon. Je te souhaite une bonne et heureuse année pour toi et ta famille. je voudrai si tu as le temps aujourd'hui vers les 16h00 que nous discutions d'une amélioration de notre forum.

    Je voudrai que tu me contacte soit sur "Live messenger" ou soit sur Skipe".je te joint mes 2 adresses : Messenger: [email protected]

  5. Hi XIII, Did you try to manually update sigs ? Any events in OA History related to update process ? Regards, MaB
  6. Hi, Installer will detect already installed version and will give you only choice to uninstall or update Regards, MaB
  7. Hi, After allowing it to run from the blocked progs window, could you check if it's effective from main GUI ? Regards, MaB
  8. Hi, Do you use OA in advanced mode (there is another option to allow connections for trusted apps) ? Seems to me that the connection is handled by KAV web filter. To check this you can activate "Intercept loopback interface" (Options/Firewall), delete the created rules for Photoshop and then launch this apps again. OA will notify you about a loopback connection made by Photoshop Regards, MaB
  9. Hi Alex, Which browser are you using ? This error occurs when you launch your browser ? Do you run it in runsafer mode ? Any other security apps installed ? Regards, MaB
  10. Hi, This is now an option of advanced mode. This feature is activated by default. regards, MaB
  11. Hi Lynx thanks for your answer and the warm welcome My apologies. I forgot the unforgettable French Win 7 x86 FW/HIPS : OA premium (Webshield deactivated) AV : EAM or Avast 5 Free or Antivir 10 Premium (Avast or Antivir when using Mamutu). I like to play with my security setup Sandbox : GeSWall Ad Blocker : Ad Muncher ISR : Rollback RX Task manager replacement : Anvir task Manager Pro All at latest build EAM or Mamutu did not flag Ad Muncher for any potentially dangerous behavior. I manually add Ad Muncher executable to exclusion Not related for me because Ad Muncher was not filtering Website that did not trigger Surf protection at all Ad Muncher stop filter Website from ads and other components. when i uninstall Mamutu (or EAM) and after reboot, Ad muncher worked flawlessly Hope exhausted. Not together Again many thanks for your help Regards, MaB
  12. Hi, I was playing with latest build of mamutu and EAM when i found that they conflict with Ad Muncher's Web filtering. Ad Muncher stops working randomly (not crashing) and if i reload the cow, it works for some minutes then stop again even if i exclude Ad Muncher process from monitoring. Fell free to ask me what i can do for helping solving this issue Regards, MaB
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