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  1. Hi, If I put EEK on an external USB stick drive can it help me to remove Ransomware on a friends computer? Or do I need something else? A friends computer seems to be locked up, any and all suggestions will be helpful!
  2. Correct, I right clicked on my Music folder and used EAM scan from there!
  3. I just tried this and I choose my music folder and it has over 6,000 songs and it scanned them all and it took a while to do all of them. Screenshot
  4. Alexstrasza, I installed Acronis True Image 2016 to back up my C: drive. I updated a few programs, Adguard to the latest beta, CCleaner to the latest version, that's about it. Arthur, Can I Quarantine all those entries safely without messing up Windows?
  5. Hi Arthur, No, I sure didn't, I have no idea what that is...
  6. Hi All, Not sure why I got such a large number of detections today. Are they ALL legit? Here is a screenshot http://screencast.com/t/xGHaGdAiMt98
  7. Hi All, Thanks for your responses, I contacted Webroot support and they were aware of the problem, all seems well now!
  8. Hi All, After today's update to latest version of EAM, Webroot Secure Anywhere flags this DLL c:\program files (x86)\emsisoft anti-malware\a2core32.dll as PUA.Crossrider and wants to quarantine it. What gives, any idea?
  9. Upgrade to Windows 8.1 and on July 29th get Windows 10 as a FREE download, why worry about any version of Windows 8? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-upgrade
  10. Stalker90. Create a Custom Scan which does a full scan, very same thing OK?
  11. Hi Nikilet, Your questions did jump around about info on location of scan logs but did kind of lead into performance issues etc from there. Believe me, I've been here for a long time & Fabian is one of the best on the development team, I am willing to TRY to help when I can. Please don't take his info or mine as negative, like ALL of us we are ALL trying to help one another!
  12. Use silent mode for scan process - Configures scheduled scans to run invisibly to prevent distracting windows while you are working on the computer. Only an animated Emsisoft Scanner icon is displayed in the Taskbar. The Scanner window will only appear if an object is detected, to provide you with information. If nothing is detected the Scanner automatically terminates when it is finished.
  13. OK, here is a picture of mine Picture I have 2 processors on my computer and I let EAM use both of them because my scan runs at 3AM when I'm sleeping. If you notice EAM slowing your computer down, uncheck one of the processors. As for threads, the smaller the number (IE 1) means you are using less system resources. You can also lower the priority to like below normal so it doesn't slow your system down as much. Hope that helps a little,
  14. Hi Nikilet, You can cut down the amount of resources EAM uses by clicking on SCAN and at the very bottom click on Performance settings. You choose how many processors on your system to use and the number of threads as well so it doesn't overload your system. Hope that helps
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