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  1. i haven't tried to add the game itself, because other games give me the same problem
  2. in order to that I need to right click on the OA icon and then deactivate "firewall" section? If yes, there is no change.
  3. yes i have. I always had this problem.
  4. you are right: - i have OA free - Windows XP sp3 32bit - avast antivirus, malwarebytes ( real time protection disabled) and oa free( lol).
  5. I deleted all the steam rules and the game works fine.... Very strange. edit: no i have again the same problem.
  6. I'm having troubles with steam and OA. With oa opened every game i play is laggy and choppy and I get only 7-10 fps ( no kidding). When I close oa I can play without problems. I added Steam on the exclusion list. Am I the only one having trouble with steam? edit: steam is trusted.
  7. i run only avira. I marked the programs with trusted. Am i forced to mark the programs trusted in order that they run smoothly? I don't think it is normal.
  8. As the title says OA free slows down every new program installed. When i install a new program it is very slow, when i click the "next" button on the setup, looks like my pc doesn't receive the input and i have to click a lot of times before my pc got it. This problem is the same when a program is installed, looks like my pc is very slow to receive inputs. If i close oa immediately the problem is solved and every programs work fine. When I reopen oa the problem represent again. I have to uninstall and re-install oa in order to have the programs work fine or i have to put them in exclusion list. I tried to use the learning mode, but without results. What can i do? Looks like the latest update of oa has this problem, but i'm not sure. Sorry for my bad english if you do not understand what I mean I could make a video