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  1. OK, Maybe I'll try later in life to enable all but for now I'll just stick with "HIPS" disabled. Thanks again for the info.
  2. Thanks Cat, I disabled "HIPS" on the laptop but not on the PC. Chrome updated last night and this morning "OA" had to re-scan for Chrome to work on the PC but not on the laptop. So disabling the "HIPS" feature resolves the problem. One question though. Will the "Web Shield", "Program Guard" and "Keyloggers" work, if I decide to use them, with "HIPS" disabled? Thanks again for your help in resolving this for me.
  3. No I have not disabled HIPS. If I disable it will it effect the firewall's ability to function or is this something completely separate and independent to the firewall?
  4. There is a annoying problem when Google Chrome updates. Chrome opens but will not load pages even after OA has told me that Chrome has changed and I have clicked "Allow". The only way I can fix this is to run the "Safety Check Wizard" and trust everything. This happens on both my laptop and my desktop which are both running XP SP3. The only thing "Turned On" in OA is the Firewall, the "Web Shield", "Program Guard" & "Keyloggers" are unchecked (Off). Hopefully someone has a solution and if not I hope that the guys from OA and GC can get this figured out. Thanks