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  1. Kris: I am so glad that it is something you can use. It is malleable in that it is written in the KiXtart interpreted language, a full Win32 console compliant interpreter. However, even though I have the full support of Christian to use the Emsisoft Anti Malware CLS people like me aren't given the keys to kingdom in the form of being given access to API calls. They are ONLY provided to 3rd parties when the original anti malware engine, signature set(s) and/or kernel are provided as an OEM or if they are Open Source projects like ClamAV.
  2. Hi Kris: Lynx pinged me to let you know about my Multi-AV Scanning Tool. It is a scripted front-end to; Emsisoft, Avira, Trend Micro and Sophos command line scanners (CLS). It also includes a CLS for Kaspersky but I intend to phase that one out. http://www.pctipp.ch/downloads/sicherheit/35905/multi_av_scanning_tool.html
  3. I exist, therefore I am...