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  1. Hello, I have OA++ I was wondering, can I install this RC over the current version I have installed now? Or is it for OA Premium only? Or do I already have the most up-to-date OA++? A couple things I would like to point out are: 1. When I right click on OA++ icon and click Check for Updates ---> Product Updates, I get this error: When I open up the History tab in OA and click on "Program Guard: kernel event", the box below all the history gives this: I have disabled and exited roboform and still, the same exact error and message as in pic. Updating worked yesterday just fine. 2. I wanted to see how well OA++ detected keyloggers so I downloaded a "Key-Logger Simulation Test Program" from here: OA++ didn't detect it as a keylogger. Is it a flaw that needs to be looked at?
  2. That would be fine. Should I backup my current OA++ settings and restore in the 5.0 pre-release, or start from scratch? Either way is fine with me. I have mentioned in an earlier post that I would be running a test on my hard drive and monitoring my system temperatures. I have done so and no issues were shown in the hard drive test and my temps seem to be pretty good. There was one other test that I haven't really got around to yet which is testing one (of the 2x2GB) RAM stick at a time and try to produce the BSOD. One thing I have noticed the last few times I got the BSODs, was that I had uTorrent (v2.2 Build 24402) running in the background. I have left my computer on for almost two days now without uTorrent running and have not gotten the BSOD. So my guess would be, its just a uTorrent issue, a conflict between uTorrent and OA++ (at this point I really doubt it), or an issue with my RAM. I would like to Thank You for taking the time to look at the mini dumps. If this problem had nothing to do with OA++, I apologize for wasting your time. Once I seen "OAmon.sys", I assumed the problem had to be that since, in a previous version, I was getting BSODs because of oamon till I updated. I will continue my testing and will be sure to update this thread once I find out more info. Things I will be testing: - Newer uTorrent version. - Using only one RAM stick in computer. - If all else fails, will test if there is conflict between uTorrent and OA. If you feel I should test anything else with the pre-release, just mention and I will do so. Thank you, Randy
  3. Hmmm...I don't have an "EDIT" button no more Anyway, just wanted to say that I got an extension on the internet for 3 weeks. So I'll be here if any info is needed. Thank you, again, for help on this issue B)
  4. If I was in that situation, I would make a backup of all your settings under Options ---> Click "Backup/Restore" Tab ---> Then click the "Backup" button. Be sure to save it somewhere where you will remember where its at. Then I would uninstall Online Armor, restart, download the installer off the website and re-install. That will probably fix the problem for you. Good luck
  5. No problem. Just glad to see I'm getting help on this issue Also, I just got news that my internet may be shut off tomorrow. I wont be able to get it back on until I get paid Friday/Saturday. I'm going to contact my ISP to see if they can keep it on till then. So, don't think I'm giving up on this if I do not reply back in a couple days. I'll be checking back frequently all of today to see if any more info needs to be supplied.
  6. Yes, I am running Emsisoft Online Armor version Antivirus Engine version, That is kind of strange that it mentions the version I didn't even give that a second thought when I first seen it. Does OAmon.sys have a version number of its own?
  7. Sorry for double post. The forum ended up giving me an error after posting. "Browser sent bad data" or something like that so I tried to repost and it just kept loading. Meanwhile it was already posted while it was still loading? Strange.... EDIT: Could have been that Firefox automatically updated to 3.6.14 today?
  8. No problem. Just wanted to give a little update on things. I read up on "PFN_LIST_CORRUPT" and found that some people had to replace their RAM in order to fix the issue. So I decided to run Memtest86+ 4.20 over night (for 10 hours) and no errors showed up. Someone else on another forum said to run a test on my hard drive. I will be doing so tonight before I go to bed. They also stated that high temps inside my PC could be the culprit because of there are two different errors. I am monitoring my temps right now and so far, everything seems fine. I'm pretty sure the BSOD is being caused by OA++ due to the fact that I had gotten them in a previous version a while back (last year sometime). Then after a version update, I wasn't getting them no more. And now its back haunting me again Here are both dumps. I really do appreciate you or whoever looking at these. Thank you, Randy EDIT: I got an error that says, "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file". The file extension was .dmp. So I'm uploading them to a file host. EDIT2: I also uploaded both dumps in a ZIP folder to mediafire. The download can be found here:
  9. And here is the 2nd windbg info as promised!
  10. I have been receiving Blue Screens of Death lately. Been going on for about 1-3 weeks. I know, kind of a big gap. But I've been going through some "legal" issues and my brain is so messed up right now I can't think strait...anywho... I will supply as much info as I can on this. Been looking into this all day and so far, this is what I have gathered: **NOTE** All info in these images came from the application called "BlueScreenView". I installed "WinDbg.exe" from Microsofts website and used the command !analyze -v. This is what it ends up saying for first BSOD (image #1): And this is what I got with for the second BSOD (image #2): **NOTE** I will post in reply to this. Too many character in this post. I'm assuming that BOTH were caused by Online Armor. Even though the first one doesn't say anything about OA. Also, in case you need to know, I am using paid OA++ with Windows 7 Ultimate x64. If you need anymore info or a copy of the crash dumps, just say so and I will do whatever it is you need me to do...tomorrow cause its almost 2am where im at My subscription is about run out and I would like renew it. But I'm not sure if I should if this problem persists. Thank you and I hope to see this fixed soon! Sincerely, Randy