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  1. A-squared crashed for the third time again, and a2framework.dll was the problem. I think it probably has to do with Data Execution Prevention. So I am going to try and exclude it from DEP protection. Is this a known problem?
  2. Does the OnExecution scan detect javascript malware and exploits?
  3. Unless you want on-access instead of only on execution scanning, adding AVG is simply useless to run in the background alongside A Squared. It is useful as an extra on demand scanner...frankly I would run Norton, Nod32, or Avira instead.
  4. Hi there! I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP2 and currently running Avira Personal and the built in vista firewall turned on. I don't have the scan report, but I will send the suspicious file. Actually, A-squared only found the registry entries, and so I am sending (to emsi directly) the .dll I found that is associated with tvu network.
  5. I never understood the reasons for having an on access scan. The feature is like web scanning, I haven't seen a real case were catching a virus on a HTTP stream or on access provides any more security than stopping it on execution. HTTP scanning and on access scanning only slow HDD speeds down. Another feature that Norton now has is the ability to exclude known safe files, for extra speed, but there is still a webscanner and on access scanner.
  6. I have this issue too. Is tvunetworks in fact a false positive? Yahoo search lists it as a dangerous download. Is it actual riskware? I did see it was taken off the blacklist already.