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  1. Hi Andrey, Ok I'll wait, but any idea when the beta might be available? Its just that I've got 55 days left before my current licence expires and I'd like to know if I can resolve this problem with OA before(if)I renew. Thanks
  2. Hi Andrewf, I've just noticed looking at the HISTORY in OA that Program Guard now TRUSTS OAsrv, OAcat and OADump every time the system boots. It looks that OA canot remember to Trusty its own modules! It never used to report this in the previous OA version. I attach a creen shot. I don't know if this is relevant to the problem in hand or may even be a new feature of the latest version but I thought I'd point it out just in case it was important. Regards
  3. Do you think that may help? If so I'll give it a go
  4. I know where you are coming from, and yes they are both excluded from each other by reference to their respective program folders. Bit Defender Active Virus Control (ie their version of HIPS) is also always disabled. Both OA and Bit Defender have been installed on my PC over a number of yaears and have always co-existed with each other. Regards
  5. Hello Andrey, Just sent you the logs you requested. Regards
  6. Hi Andrey Screenshot attached of OA status page as requested. If I right click the OA icon in the system tray I also see Web Shield grayed out - Firewall, Program Guard and Key Logger are ticked as you would expect. Regards
  7. Just spent an hour following your suggestions with absolutely no result: (1) Deactivated HIPS. Restarted. No change (Web Shield grayed out and no way to turn it on) (2) Rebooted (twice) and activated HIPS. No change - Web Shield remains greyed out. (3) Uninstalled OA. Rebooted twice. Checked that hidden OA drivers did not remain via device manager. Reinstalled OA from website and rebooted twice. No change - Web Shield remains greyed out. (4) Upgraded to version 1100. Rebooted twice. No change - web shield remains greyed out. So now what?
  8. Hello: Windows XP Home (SP3) Dell Dimension 3100 PC Current Online Armor Premium version: I have been a long term user of OA firewall (paid). Previously with OA4 I was experiencing significant internet performance issues which I traced back (by trial and error) to OA Web Shield. I therefore disabled it and the performance problem was resolved. I received today a reminder that my subscription will expire in 60 days, so I thought that I would upgrade and test the newest version before renewing. Prior to the upgrade I attempted to “normalize” OA 4 by turning off HIPS (past bad experiences with OA has taught me that upgrades may fail if its left enabled) and also re-enabling Web Shield. However I could not turn Web Shield back on again (it was grayed out along with a message saying “not installed”). So I went ahead with an upgrade anyway and installed OA via updates. As I half expected Web Shield remained switched off in the new version and there was no way I could find to switch it back on. So I removed OA completely and downloaded Version from the website in an attempt to make a clean install. But again Web Shield remained grayed out and switched off. Next I attempted to upgrade the installation from 1097 to 1100 using the intrinsic update facilities but again no success with enabling Web Shield. By the way I did the usual “2 reboots” at every step (along with examining the chicken entrails which OA usually recommends). Any suggestions (apart from yet another install)?
  9. Hi I'm starting to prepare for a migration to a new ISP in a few months time. When I do migrate I will unfortunately lose my present email address which is ISP specific. The login for the online user area (ie the area where you can view/reset your licence keys) uses my current email address and I can see no way of changing it. So the question is, how can I change the login details/email address? Thanks
  10. Since upgrading to the History log is full of kernel events. The previous version of OA I had installed reported significantly fewer kernel events. Here is an example of just one (jqs.exe is a legitimate Java system file): OA Driver: Duplicate Object, Acc:0, Opt: 6, PID 280, Src 936 -> Trg: 936 – Deny (watched) 280 – jqs.exe And another one, this time for process explorer: OA Driver: Create File, PID: 3504, Acc 80100180 Shr:3, File: C;\Program Filwes\Online Armor\oahlp.exe - Deny (rule) 3504 - procexp.exe Any idea as to why I'm suddenly getting lots of these kernel events? Does it indicate a problem? Regards
  11. Thanks....a reinstall/rebootx2 seems to have fixed this.
  12. Hi, Bit behind the game here as I've been off the grid for a while now. So apologies if this resurrects an old topic. Upgraded Online Armor (firewall) today from to All seemed to go smoothly except the system now really runs slowly and also Webshield did not install. On the GENERAL tab in OA Webshield is ticked but greyed out. And in brackets it adds "not installed". So I then checked my licence details on the OA site and it confirms I have a fully paid licence up until 4 August 2011. So why was Webshield not installed? (BTW I upgraded in my admin account by selecting the "check for updates" link on the General tab of OA. I'm running XP 32 bit + SP 3). Any info gratefully received.
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