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  1. I performed a Deep scan on my PC yesterday. It came back with Objects Detected: 70. When I selected the option to have these Objects Deleted, I received a message that said, "Please consult the experts in the Emsisoft online forum for help with the manual removal of this malware:http://support.emsisoft.com ." I have been combing through your forum files since yesterday, and I've been unable to find a match for my issue. So, this morning, I Registered and decided to Post for Help with this. I have not closed the scan yet. It is still open. It tells me that the items that were found cannot be deleted, because the "files cannot be found". I've tried to copy and paste the information here. But, that doesn't work. So, I'm having to type it manually. I see below that there is an option to upload files. I played around a little bit, and I am enclosing a .txt file about that scan. Hopefully, I have given you enough information to go to try to help me. My OS is: XP Pro. Thanx in advance, Frankie
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