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  1. Yes it does! I lays a window on top of the results and specifically says something to the effect of: 'you have a high risk...blah blah - you should quarantine these files.' If it had only produced results I would investigated before quarantining.
  2. Well, I restored the quarantined files and downloaded the other 3 programs. Ran CCleaner. But once again A-Squared free froze when I came to run it for another scan. I point out I'd no evidence of any problems until I met A-Squared free; this PC is actually rarely on the net, only for updates and iRacing. Having also now scanned with Malwarebytes' anti-malware which found nothing and seeing evidence that A-Squared freezing causing me to restart via power button is doing more harm than good (CHKDSK ran and did a lot at startup), plus, google suggesting A-Squared free it's notorious for freezing and showing false positives, I've decided to abandoned it.
  3. Hello, I ran A-Squared free some time ago and it found Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Small!IK in what I assumed was a FP - as it's an audio file in a game 'Grand Prix Legends'. I Quarantined it - because that's what it tells you to do! And don't play it any more anyway. I ran A-2 free again yesterday and it found another occurrence of the same Trojan in C:\System Volume Information\_restore{....}\\A002981.EXE Which I quarantined for the same reason - A-2 free said to do so. Unfortunately, I seem not to have saved the reports. Googling brought me here and it now seems It's wrong to quarantine according to the post you refer everyone to. Running A-2 free again today, it's found another 2 occurrences of the same 'trojan' since yesterday this time in a gear shift plugin again for Grand prix legends game that was always there AFAIK. This time I haven't quarantined but saved the log for those. What Should I do about the quarantined files with no logs? Should I unquarantine them and re-scan with A-2 free to generate logs and start posting all the logs? And why does this programme tell you to quarantine by default? None of this makes sense; surely every occurrence detected can't be posted in logs to this forum?! Oh, and A-2 free also freezes if I right-click its icon. Frankly, I'm considering either deleting the files or unquarantining everything found and uninstalling this software.