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  1. Judson, Thank you for your time and willingness to help me. My OA version is ( paid ). My router is a SonicWall TZ180 Wireless. The wired desktops and wireless laptop all run Win XP Pro SP3. They all run the same OA version and the same security software. I have contacted SonicWall, but together we identified the issue as the OA Firewall since without the firewall active the desktops and laptop can communicate across the subnet boundary. Your thoughts are most welcome, and again, thank you for taking time to share your knowledge and experience. Please let me know if you would like additional configuration information. Best regards, Scott
  2. When OA Firewall is active on a wired desktop, I am unable to exchange files between that desktop and a wireless laptop on the same LAN, but on a different subnet. However, if I disable OA Firewall on the desktop, the desktop and laptop can 'ping' each other successfully and exchange files. I would like OA Firewall active on all my computers. How do I configure OA Firewall to allow the wired desktop and wireless laptop to exchange files across the same LAN, even though they are on different subnets? Thank you for your kind assistance.