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  1. Tried all the above suggestions..NG no luck. The only thing that works is to unclick Webshield. Once the player is running I can go back and enable Webshield, the player keeps working. So I'll just do this and see if a new version of OA works better. Thanks
  2. Thanks SDED for the suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work. But I'm not certain about the unsafer part. Does this mean you went to configuration>programs and firefox.exe was set to run Safer and you changed it to Allow (green) then reinstalled Flash? In my case firefox.exe has always been green and set to allow. I reinstalled Flash with OA, AVG etc turned off. But no luck. I'm puzzled as to why I can't teach OA to allow this Flash radio stream to load and run. As soon as I deselect Webshield (by right clicking on the OA tray icon then deselecting Webshield)it works perfectly. It's no burden for me to do this but I feel I should have better control over how OA operates.
  3. I've had OA for a while. Generally I can add or have it learn sites and programs without much difficulty. I use fairly aggressive firewall settings with good results. But if Webshield is on, I cannot listen to radio sites. They work if Webshield is off. I've tried getting it to "learn" but no luck nor manually adding sites. As an example try www.wabcradio.com > click on "Listen Live" near the top > next page click on "Click Here to Listen Live" down a bit down in the center (below ad copy). At this point a small window opens and a "Loading" progress bar should appear for a few seconds. The control panel fills in and the audio auto starts... or at least it should. I've noticed the progress bar flashes very quickly the the panel opens normally but never fully loads. What can I do to have OA not block radio sites like this. I've tried adding www.streamtheworld.com to the trusted list but no luck. I cannot add the IP address I see when it works since it changes each time. I'm sure I'm overlooking something with Webshield. Thanks.
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