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  1. Hi! I tried to run GMER three times - twice in normal mode and once in safe mode. My computer froze each time and I couldn't get it to finish. Any suggestions?
  2. Finished with MBRCheck.exe and attaching file now. Thanks for your help!
  3. I ran TDSSKiller and it did not identify any malware infections. I am attaching the log. Thanks for all your help!
  4. I ran the script. I'm still getting the error: "Symantec AntiVirus encountered a problem and needed to close. I can't bring Symantec up yet.
  5. I ran as you directed and attached the file.
  6. I have completed the task and attaching the
  7. I downloaded ComboFix to my desktop and renamed it Combo1fix. I tried to the best of my ability to turn off my symantec...although the tray indicated it was turned off, when I started Combo-Fix, it said that I still had my virus protection still operating. I stopped combofix. Then I searched the link to and still could not find any help. By then I started get a window from Symantec Antivirus saying that "it had encountered a problem and needs to close." I thought I had taken care of this and ran Combox fix. I am attaching the log. In the meantime, I keep click off the "Don't Send" button on the popup Symantec Antivirus window...and it reappears.
  8. I did as you instructed. Things improved a bit. I am able to start my Symantec software, but it still will not turn on - I hit the "fix" red turns green for a moment and then reverts to red. I also tried to access the internet from one of children's profile and it would not work. I am including the latest report from OTL. Thanks for your help!
  9. The virus has inhibited my Symantex Endpoint from functioning; Some of the family members' profiles can access the internet...others can't. I have tried to use Emisisoft Anti-Malware to remove the trace.Registry Eliminator virus, but didn't succeed.