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  1. Things do seem to be running ok. I have occassional connection issues when accessing certain links that I never really had before, and I have made no changes to my current network settings recently. It seems that my anti-virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection) was responsible for a lot of my issues. After uninstalling it, should I be concerned about installing a replacement anti-virus, or will the Emisoft software be sufficient?
  2. I had trouble accessing the support forum to retrieve this message from my laptop, so I will try again later today, so please keep this thread open. thanks
  3. The GMER program found no modifications to the system.
  4. Unsuccessful. I get the message, "AHTNBNpychaR yTNRNTa AVZ has stopped working" and it has to close. All of the "N's" and "R's" are backwards by the way.
  5. This didn't work. It seemed to make things worse. I kept getting messages like this program was not properly installed (for Combofix); I tried both links after disabling my anti-virus and Ad-ware software. And I also got a series of error messages saying that a certain file was not compatible with Win32? I decided to uninstall my Symantec Endpoint protection because I feel like that is where I'm having problems. I don't get the window with the endless detection results anymore and my computer seemes to be running a little smoother. Is my computer still at risk without an anti-virus softw
  6. I need to manually remove these files per Emisoft Anti-Malware instructions (I can't delete them) Not sure if it's related, but I keep getting a symantec endpoint detection results window that cannot be closed and continuously finds new "trojans"; after a few hours it finally closes. Programs are also running slow and sometimes are unresponsive. Please help.
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