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  1. As far as I can see, I have given Avast full access in the firewall and programs sections of OA, but Avast still cannot access the internet. Only when I turn off the firewall can Avast update it database. Any ideas?
  2. Oops, got busy. I had MSSE installed prior to Antimalware. I haven't tried the Antimalware program since I deleted it. My bluescreens stopped occurring, so I know it was teh Antimalware program causing the 2-3 lockups and bluescreens per computing session. I had it good for a while, but now OA is starting to lockup and bluescreen when I perform file transfers to/from my NAS. If I turn off the program guard, this stops from happening. Win7 64-bit, Avira Free. I seriously never had a bluescreen up until these things occurred. I'd prefer to stay with OA, as I like the system, just not the lockups and bluescreens! Thanks.
  3. I've just come here looking for *something* about my computer's file transfers. I have just bought a NAS, and while I was copying files to it yesterday, Windows Explorer froze, stopping the file transfer. I tried the process of elimination and found that "oasrv.exe" is pegging one of my CPU cores right up to 100%. When I kill that process, the file copying starts again and finishes properly. Also, when this problem with "oasrv.exe" occurs, access to my NAS over the intranet, disappears, with Windows stating that the NAS doesn't exist. Again, when oasrv.exe is killed, the NAS comes back. I've had to stop using the Malware component of OA as it blue-screens the crap out of my system (clean Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit) and now this has started to happen!? This needs to be fixed. Turning off OA each time I copy a file is not appropriate. And yes, I am a paid-up subscriber.
  4. Hi. I've been using OA firewall for years and finally paid for the pro version recently. I paid a little extra for the bundled Antimalware. Straight after installing both firewall and antimalware, my computer started crashing once every few hours. My file access times were so poor running the antimalware, and the crashes were so often, that I uninstalled the antimalware software and went back to Avira. I continue to use OA firewall as I like it a lot, but my machine continues to crash two or three times each session. I have been running this machine for a while now, and it's never bluescreened before under Windows 7 64-bit, until I'd installed this new software. If I leave my computer on overnight, or while I'm at work, when I come home I find that it has always been rebooted because of a "crash". Any ideas how to tighten things up here? I always send the minidumps back to Emsisoft. Dunno if that helps or not. Thanks. zutroi
  5. Hi. I should have mentioned that my Thunderbird.exe *IS* trusted. My bad! Your other guesses are as good as mine! I still prefer the OA firewall above all others anyway, so it's no big deal for me to not have the keylogger function. I'm just glad I figured out what the problem was. Thanks! zutroi
  6. I'll answer my own question. No, this doesn't help in any way :-/ Keylogger still bogs down both email clients, making them useless, unless you type at 3 WPM. TBH, I don't care for the keylogger anyhow. As long as viruses and firewall situations aren't happening, I don't mind. Thanks.
  7. Hi catprincess. I didn't have either excluded in the other. I have just now excluded each from the other. Do you think that this is something that may change my situation? Thanks.
  8. Well, I agree with you except that OA won't let me "learn" Thunderbird as an acceptable keylogger, or for that matter, Outlook. SO, with the OA keylogger function ON, I can't use my email agents. Loss. If I could force OA to learn, believe me, I would. I don't know who is at fualt here, but something is very wrong. I too never had a problem with the keylogger function, until a few months ago. And I can't blame Thunderbird, as the new Outlook 2010 does it as well. So I must concede that it's an OA fault. zutroi
  9. I have been searching for an answer to my email agent problem for months. I solved it yesterday, by pure chance. I have been using Thunderbird for mail for years, and recently, for no obvious reason, it started misbehaving. All was well until I started typing a new email, or replied to another. My typing was lagging by several seconds for each letter typed. I could literally finish typing an email and then had to wait for a minute or so for the stupid program to catch up. One of my 4 CPU cores was also getting pegged to death (100%) while this was happening. Really annoying! So I installed MS Outlook 2010, set it up carefully, and guess what? Same crap! I know I was slow in figuring out what it was, but yep, I'm slow ;-) I had searched the Thunderbird forums for months. Nothing to help! So yesterday I turned off the "keyloggers" function in OA. Guess what? My system is now running fine again. Why did it start doing this in the first place? Who knows? But now with this function turned off, I'm happy again, and so is my Thunderbird. I will continue to use OA, as I generally like its features, but obviously the "keyloggers" has serious problems and will remain turned off on my system. This is FYI, just in case anyone else is going mental trying to figure it out. My system: Q6600 with updated Windows 7 x64. OA version v4.5.1.431.free. TL;DR - Online Armor "keyloggers" function killed my Thunderbird and Outlook email. zutroi67