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  1. I was curious so I installed OA on my 'real' machine (after making an image backup) and guess what ... OA started with no long delays. It seems it has to do with some kind of hardware/software compatibiltiy problem with virtualbox on my machine. Well for me it's clear now. Thanks.
  2. I'll have a looksee. By the way I tried an OA install in a clean and mean virtual machine, I mean a fresh XP install with only MS updates. The same problem occurred there too with oacat.exe. I had nothing else installed. Cheers. I had the whole c:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\ folder and subfolder excluded in OA and excluded the files oacat.exe oasrv.exe oaui.exe and oahlp.exe in EAM, didn't help though. Thanks for your help catprincess !
  3. Hello, I'am running OA free (latest version) in virtualbox (latest version 404 + latest guest additions) with Emsisoft AM full, and I noticed that the oacat.exe service causes long startups (up to 5 minutes). First a welcome screen with 30 sec delay (tolarable) then an empty desktop 2 minutes and finally the icons begin to show up in the systray and finally the OA icon with firewall shows up after another 2 minutes or so. Everything is set to trusted. Running Xp home SP3 as host and guest with a 4 GHz pentium 4 processor and 4 GB memory. Intel 865 chip based main board (Gigabyte).(not very new but it works good enough ) I give the VM 512 MB plus 32 MB video memory. No video acceleration and no audio. Swapfile in the VM 768 MB fixed. I noticed this because when I change the oacat.exe service in manual instead of automatic the VM starts as should be. The trick is to change oaserv.exe service to automatic to let OA start with gui otherwise I get a message that oaserv cannot start. Then when I close and shutdown OA, I see that then the oacat.exe service starts. So after starting OA again it runs fine with gui and all. I use Codestuff Starter for changing services startups and Process Hacker to watch started and stopped services. Anybody noticed this too? I mean about the oacat.exe causing the long start delay. I hope I gave enough info for this. Cheers.