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  1. A-squared, please find the logs that have been requested as per your procedure steps in attempting to remove malware, Trojans ECT. I followed your directions letter to the law set by you in the forum. In the past 1/2 year I use the same directions and was successful in removing my Trojan & malware ECT. And never had reason to come ask for additional help. Well I am requesting that you and your team help in my dilemma. You ask in addition to the logs is to explain about some strange behaviour. There is red and black warning to remove all my software ASAP because there is serious problem. It is screen saver on the desk top that I can change colour of display but the message (STAYS NO MATTER WHAT) Block message 3 by 5 on the display and files are discoloured as well. I used the same procedures not 1 but three times because the procedures it would remove warning but then would come back in 2 days There was fake avira that attached to my spyware. I also was downloading a- squared and another spyware attached I thought you guys upgraded OR something I let it keep running I thought a-squared did something new. Well I am really ignorant and kept this on for several weeks before I realised that I was shanghaied. After coming to forum it worked for 2 days In addition I would do word document and I would save it and file and all of sudden it would recreate itself with some funny squidgy lines and file would be fake and unintelligible with bunch odd numbers and funny lines. The other file would be perfect. Go figure. I just saved your doc and this is the other file below joe blow j o e b l o w \ A P A . X S L M S G o t h i c 0 , @ , See copy of logs I know your product is number 1.
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