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  1. Thank you. As it turns out, WinPatrol Plus was able to "Disable" EAM, thus removing it from my startup list. (The option to "Remove" it did not work). EAM still works on-demand, so I don't think I will kill it yet. I'm still mystified why EAM suddenly tried to insert itself, after all these years lying quietly in the background, waiting to be summoned for an on-demand scan. I note that there was a recent version update to But hey folks - stay out of my start-up list!
  2. WinPatrol Plus alerts me that a new Startup Program, Emsisoft Anti-Malware Real-Time Protection, wants to run in the background, from c:\program files (x86)\emsisoft anti-malware\a2guard.exe /d=60. I rejected the change, as I use MBAM for this purpose. I have used EAM as a free, on-demand scanner for years (from when it was a2) without problems, so I was surprised when this attempt to sneak the paid program onto my Win 7 appeared. The change I rejected returned, and "replaced the automatic entry" according to WinPatrol. It says a "partner program" could be malware forcing this unwanted pr
  3. Problem solved. I'm not sure exactly how, but I think that it involved checking the Folder (C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\) for removal option in Emsiclean.exe after a reboot (it is not checked by default).
  4. I cannot install the latest EAM, as it says a prior version is installed. This on an XP/sp3 system. I had previously uninstalled EAM from Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs, and indeed it is no longer listed there. Yet it is still listed in Start>Programs>Emsisoft. If I run the uninstall program from the uninstall sub-menu there, it opens an "uninstall window" that does nothing. And I cannot close this program. In fact, I can't even shut down or restart this PC. If I run the Emsiclean.exe program, it lists 4 a2 Service/Drivers, one registry item (Emsisoft File Gu
  5. Join the club. Many are reporting this problem, and Emsisoft's reply is here: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/12820-eam-fails/#entry92111
  6. Thanks for that info, GT500. So basically the problem is that EAM has become too big for my netbook using Win 7 Pro, if I understand the situation correctly. I guess 2 GB RAM, and a CPU @ 1.83 GHz, aren't big and fast enough. The workarounds suggested- either leaving it on 24/7, or never updating EAM til a fix is found - are either impractical or unsafe respectively. Is there not some way to increase the timeout period to connect to the service (currently 30 seconds, I believe)? Fortunately, there are other good free AVs available that I can switch to.
  7. OK, I'll proceed as instructed. I can tell you in advance that the only Emsisoft service listed in services.msc is a2service.exe, that it is set to Automatic startup type, but is stopped. When I attempt to start it I get a progress bar that slows about halfway, then the following message: "Windows could not start the Emsisoft anti-malware 8.0 - service on Local Computer. Error 1053: the service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."
  8. Thank you GT500. I don't have the time to do all this today, but will try tomorrow. Your instructions say "3.Try opening Emsisoft Anti-Malware." EAM will not open for me. Will it still be worth jumping through all these hoops under the circumstances? Finally, I notice you now have 5 reports in the last day or so reporting the same problem and error message. It seems to be specific to Win 7 systems. Surely no coincidence.
  9. Since I can't open the GUI, I can't confirm the version installed either. It is listed in my "Uninstall Program" list as version 8.1. At any rate, it is the latest version, since I downloaded it from Emsisoft today, and installed it. Windows Action Center is alerting me that I have no AV installed. Since others are reporting the same problem, I really think Emsisoft should get on this ASAP and find a solution. Of interest, I have the freeware version of EAM 8.1 installed on 2 other systems (XP/sp3 and Win 7/sp1) as an on-demand scanner. On both it works well.
  10. The latest version of EAM fails on my Windows 7 Professional /sp1. I get the message "A major problem has prevented the application from starting. The Anti-Malware Guard can't connect to the service application. Please reboot ..." After researching this message, I have: - uninstalled EAM via my Control Panel and rebooted - downloaded/run your emsiclean (version 1.2) and rebooted - downloaded/re-installed the latest EAM, entered a valid activation key, and rebooted All to no avail. I still have no EAM loading, and I still get the message noted above. I have no reason to suspect malw
  11. The situation seems to be resolved. I was finally able to install EAM8 (free version) to completion on all my PCs. It works great. I doubt the problem was related to my firewalls. I use Windows' native firewall on my my Win7 PCs (both 32 and 64 bit), and Outpost Pro 8 FW on my XP/sp3 system, and did not have to alter them in any way to finally install EAM8. As I said, I think the problem was related to your servers that service the free version. In any event, the problem seems to be fixed.
  12. Just to note that I can't install this version (Freeware Mode) in any of my XP or Win 7 systems. A clean installation hangs during the Online Update of signatures. I suspect a server problem at your end.
  13. I did as you instructed. The File Guard always was working, and continues to do so. However, the Behavior Blocker and Surf Protection modules continue to be inactivated, and unable to be turned on. Thinking that perhaps I had a corrupted install, I uninstalled EAM, and downloaded a fresh installer. During the installation process, I specifically checked the options to install these modules. But they remain inactive, and unable to be activated. EAM otherwise appears to be working well. Once again, I have to wonder if this is because of my resident avast! AV. I note that it includes Beha
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