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  1. Everything seems to be okay. PC loads up and shuts down fast. There is no redirections, or anything else potentially malicious activity. Only thing that worried me trough this whole time was Comodo and those ISeeYouXP trojan foundings. I already asked in comodo forums about multiple IP connections in browser and svchost, and they said that its completely normal. Browser just loads all kind of links before i press them, so the loading procress would be faster. And if OTL looks good, then i guess its case closed. Thank you for everything. If something happends i will make new topic and we will continue from there.
  2. Here is the OTL log. I installed new Java and ran OTL fix scan with those commands.
  3. But as you have seen from my logs, is there any malware like keyloggers in my PC? Im still worried
  4. Here you go. Everything went nice and smooth. Now please, say what i want to hear PC runs smoothly. Its fast and Avira/Comodo firewall are steady. Comodo isnt alerting from any strange connections. I always run my browser in sandbox, which should stop everything coming from the internet. I have scanned my PC in safe mode and in normal mode with several scanners, like GMER, Avira and Avira Linux based boot CD, SUPERAntiSpyware, Malwarebyte´s Antimalware and A-squared. How could there possibly be any malware in my system after that, and what comes to the IseeyouXP´s two trojan detections, i dont believe it. But im novice and understand almost nothing about these things. Please ShadowPuterDude, answer in hurry. i have been solving this issue about week now. PS: I cleared all "private" info from the logs. (My user account´s name)
  5. Since i cant edit my posts, i will make new one here. I attached some logs now. I made IseeYouXP scan, but it didnt make any logs to the area it said its going to post them (documents and settings\ username \desktop) Whats up with that? I searched the whole PC and made nes scans, but still no luck. Where does it post them? I checked IseeYouXp log by my self, and it found couple trojans (possibly): !!!Examing Shared Task Scheluder for visible Malware!!! TX 4 BrowserAd aware Trojan - Proxy.Win32.small Trojan - Download.Win32.Delf.ks (<- I just visited Newgrounds with sandboxed browser, so not sure if these came from there somehow) Everything else was just "LOOKING for" and no infections (probably). I also made safe mode scan this morning cause, well, i didnt think that there is anything wrong about it. A-squared found two suspicious programs called atapi.sys from C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$\atapi.sys and C:\WINDOWS\system32\ReinstallBackups\0000\DriverFiles\i386\atapi.sys
  6. After good night sleep i managed to calm down and im now ready to start log posting etc. This forum is definately one of the most forgiving i have met and i must thank you for that. Thank you Lynx for your replies. They really have helped me to understand this program and forum. Thank you for shadowputerdude who told me that tools recommended here (hijackfree, IseeyouXP etc.) DONT show any personal information as a default and therefore i can send the logs here without deleting any possible private info. (Someone told me that hijackthat really shows personal information and i got paniced by that. When i tried to delete my attachments, i noticed that im not allowed to delete or edit my earlier posts which made me angry.) And thank you for fabian wosar for cleaning up my topics that i managed to trash. Now i will tell you the facts in hurry: A-squared did restore my trojan after update. Some strange "Thumb.db" appeared to my work desk. I checked it in virustotal and it was clean. I deleted it. I will download ALL programs recommended here and will post the logs when i get home. Im not used to malware infections and this situation is really stressing me off. Thank you
  7. Again this edit thing has wrecked my topic... Just, just tell me if im safe and delete this topic asap.
  8. So... I apogolize admins and everyone who is insulted by my stupidity. I couldn´t delete my earlier posts, and by editing them i managed to spam more of them, so i started new topic, and that earlier one should be deleted asap. First of all that trojan i was talking about, a-squared sayed after update that its false positive. A squared sended it back to the system. I was still unsure about that file and decided to give you guys some logs. #1 Old A-squared quarantine: a-squared free v. © 2003-2009 Emsi Software GmbH - www.emsisoft.com 1 C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB938828$\explorer.exe Trojan.Win32.Patched.aa!A2
  9. Deleted again. I will make topic to the malware removal section. Sorry for double posting, but i cant find the delete option anywhere
  10. Hello. Yesterday I countered this trojan. Im just curious if its false positive cause SAS, malwarebyte´s anti malware and Avira´s Luke filewalker didnt caught it. Only a-squared, after huge update, found it and i quaranted it succesfully. Im now at the work and im not sure if there still is malware in the system. What should i do if i wanted to be sure that there is no another malware in my system? I ALWAYS run my browser in sandoxie when i download, for example, skins to my games from fpsbanana, or if i go to sites which might have malicious content. PC works just fine. It starts fast, shuts down fast, loads browser etc like always, and it doesnt redirect me to strange sites. Im just curious if this trojan (W32 Trojan Patched.aA or something) is false positive or not. How i could check it? Thank you PS: please dont lock this topic, cause i need quick answers. Please
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