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  1. hello. i am having the same problem. seems that it gets worse as the domain list grows (i empty it manually to make it better). any solution from developers?
  2. i am having similar problem with the updater. it couldn't get the update for 10 hours +- i had to reset the connection, only then did it manage to complete
  3. great. i am using windows xp. chrome 29.0.1547.66. thanks !
  4. i can also edit the file, save it (not 'save as' but plain 'save'), edit again to return the exact eicar string, and nothing... no response.
  5. hello, if i try downloading eicar.txt via chrome, EAM guard doesn't respond in any way. i can even read the file. if i try to copy the downloaded file the guard blocks the copied file, but not the source. i can also zip the file successfully, but when i try to extract it, the guard responds again. attached is a pic of the guard configuration (after a fresh clean installation). no other security programs are running in real-time, except for online armor. thanks
  6. Hello, I recently noticed that each app connection is routed to rts.sparkstudios.com. i don't know this website or why it happens. here is a part of OA log: Firewall: Automatic decision ######## Allowed C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe, Incoming UDP access allowed to: Type Date/Time Action Descriptio Misc Firewall: Automatic decision ######## Allowed C:\Program Files\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe, Outg
  7. Hello, I see there are only 3 options to respond to an infected file (alert, block, quarantine). can emsisoft deal with file infectors such as sality, virut or pinfi - that is to say - clean an infected file? i know bitdefender has clean procedure which cleans legitimate files that were infected by the virus...
  8. Chrome injects code, acts like a backdoor and spyware? :/ Thanks!
  9. thanks! I thought this option changed the detection for all the files (so OA wouldn't alert about that action for any file)...seems i was wrong.
  10. I accidently checked "Remember my decision for any target"... how can i cancel it? thanks!
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