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  1. Folks,

    I know Brendan said a fix was coming soon, but I have not seen it yet. I got an update to the t3.dll v1.1.88.0 yesterday, but I still do not have a viable whitelist. I tried moving my config.ini file and having EEK start from scratch, but same problem. Did I miss something?

    Apparently, the update hasn't been released yet. My whitelist is still empty even after new scans and adding the same items I want whitelisted.

  2. I hope, if you are confident about cleaning the registry regarding mentioned leftovers please do that. (removing old a2usb package itself is an issue at all)

    All done, Lynx! The only issue was I had to change permissions on several legacy keys before I could delete them. But after a reboot, there's no more service or shell extension. Also, EEK is currently fully updated (v. including Ikarus signatures, which I accomplished through the program updater.

    Thank you much for your guidance.

    Lenny :)

    PS I use ERUNT to automatically run daily registry backups, and ran an additional backup just prior to deleting the entries in case something goes KABOOM! :lol:

  3. You did not mention that Additional Ikarus Signatures could not be downloaded...

    ... and is so - yes the recent t3sigs.vdb file size is: 79.4 MB (83,269,586 bytes)

    Let me clarify:

    My first update of 15,000 KB did not mention that Ikarus signatures could not be downloaded. However, I do recall mention of the Ikarus engine being either updated or installed during that update process.

    My second update was for 81,226 KB, which I cancelled.

    My third update was for 0 KB, and is the one that said Ikarus signatures could not be downloaded.

    At the same time , despite you mentioned running EEK from just from USB that did not clarified the matter regarding the existence of any old installations on your hard drive

    Then ... was it USB Flash (important!) drive or the external USB wit hard drive?

    My apologies. It is indeed a external USB hard disk drive. Since the internal HDD format and fresh OS install one month ago, only a2usb and EEK have been used (files located on the external USB HDD). No Emsisoft product has ever been "installed" since the fresh build.

    Additional information: The a-squared Free Service in MMC is stopped and cannot be started with error message file not found.

    Also, I have found about 12 leftover entries in my registry for a-squared Free Shell Extension and a-squared Free Service. Is there an uninstaller, or can I delete these manually?