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  1. Ok, I did that and attached logs from both programs as requested for Emsisoft's usage, but I do need this program so I'm going to install it right back For my future use I'm adding this program to EEK's whitelist. Cheers AdwCleanerR0.txt JRT1.txt
  2. Thanks for the info GT500, but if I decide to remove them (just in case), functionality of the program is affected. That's why I think that detections should either include all files from the program or no files at all. As you said, security of the system is not affected in either case, so why adding to the confusion?
  3. Why are these two files detected by EEK if they present no risk for the system? (see attached)
  4. I'm already using Sysinternal's Process Explorer constantly running in the background, but from time to time when testing/installing unsecure software I was relying on HiJackFree as 'vaild' second opinion .. too bad if it's going to be discontinued .. thanks for the suggestions guys.
  5. How come there are no determination of Agnitum's Outpost Security Suite processes being safe ? Not enough info on those files? Info from Virustotal for both processes: 1. acs.exe https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/a68f3425c6363bd0a9faa1b12017b673dd78cc0f85ee91dc781f263646263c63/analysis/1396060826/ and, 2. op_mon.exe https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/270f0e631326ba3128a5841e526d4c0562e03ff1ede0239573016de5ce465050/analysis/1396061299/
  6. Fabian, after updating EEK this morning, I can confirm that this issue is fixed. Thanks
  7. I'm sure this is false positive by hijack free .. so please fix the database.
  8. What's up with the size of the update files being unusually large in the last 2-3 days comparing to previous daily updates? I'm updating my EEK twice a day and in most cases updates are around 3-4 MB .. but the last two days I'm seeing updates of 16 MB and higher.
  9. ctrlaltdelete, thank you! I Checked the MD5 and the page is showing a trusted process.
  10. Whenever I use Internet Explorer 8 and scan the active processes with Hijack free (ver. a red line covers the Internet Explorer 8 process. Using the quick scan with EEK and quick scan with Malwarebytes free shows no active malware. Does the red line marks the IE8 process as malware because of expired digital signature or is it a false positive ?
  11. I had similar experience with the version. When I would try to open new tab in Google Chrome it would take some time ( lag of 5 seconds usually ) so the new tab would open and load the website marked as home page. Hopefully this issue is solved with the latest version 5.5. But will still wait to see if this issue is solved to go back to OA again.
  12. Greetings Lynx, to answer your questions: 1. I saw similar problem other users reported on Tall Emu's support forum ( Here is the link ) Going back to Internet Explorer 8 as my default browser was the only thing i had to do in order to get the normal log in time. 2. N/A on this one 3. The only programs that I have in my auto-start up list are A-Squared Anti-Malware and Online Armor Premium Firewall, nothing else. 4. Same as #2 5. In my case, restoring IE8 as my default browser was all that i had to do, to get my normal log-in time. Hope all this helps. Cheers
  13. Fantasio, what is your default browser? I had the same problem with Google Chrome being my default browser. When i set Internet Explorer 8 back as my default browser, system was logging in as before. Try this and post your outcome. Cheers
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