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  1. P.S. To top it off, I just now went to Lynx's "changelog" link above and discovered that Emsisoft Anti-Malware is in beta. If I ever do relent and decide to try EAM again, I will most certainly wait until it is out of beta! I never mess with any product when it is in "beta" form, as I don't like being a guinea pig. No hard feelings.
  2. I guess that I'm not computer-savvy enough to understand all the "technical talk" up above, regarding why there may be a conflict with the Windows Security Center, using a Portable Emergency Kit that has the "shell extension and logs section" removed, what the heck a "shell extension dll" or a "shell extension scan" are, etc. A-Squared Free was simple for me to use and understand; now--judging from the comments of the more computer-knowledgeable people above--things have gotten just too complicated for me! I'll guess I'll just stick with SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes, and thank you for the use of A-Squared Free while it lasted. . . .
  3. If Clay is right about Emsisoft Anti-Malware conflicting with the Windows Security Center, then please don't bother to show a method to install and use it for free; I don't need the hassle! Apparently, you've ruined a good product--although since you made no profit from it, I doubt that this will bother you much.
  4. I don't know what the hell is going on, but you have really soured me on Emsisoft! I was attempting to update my A-Squared Free Edition from version to apparently a non-existent version "," when I got all sorts of messages saying that A-Squared Free no longer existed, and that I had to download the free Emisoft Anti-Malware in its place! After taking all the time to uninstall A-Squared Free and download the new Anti-Malware software, I then get a big announcment that this supposedly FREE new software would only be free for THREE DAYS! I can't understand what all of you are talking about above--about supposedly getting a FREE registration key or some such. All I know is that I have removed all vestiges of my Emsisoft software in ANGER, and am now using Super AntiSpyware and MalwareBytes in place of my beloved A-Squared Free. A-Squared Free was my favorite Anti-Spyware, etc., program--but you have loused-up its "update" so badly--and caused me to waste so much time--that I don't either know how to get the new software for free, or even if I now want to! If you can eventually explain, STEP BY STEP, how to get the new Emsisoft Anti-Malware for FREE, I'll come back--otherwise I'll just mourn the loss of my old pal A-Squared Free!
  5. Lynx, Thank you for sending me to the tutorial--but all that effort just seems way too complicated for two "low risk" cookies! I could probably remove the cookies by number if I were able to open Firefox's .sqlite files, but Windows won't let me do so! I think that I'll wait for a bigger disaster before I go through all that work. I'm only moderately computer-literate, and that seems to be a heck of a lot of effort just for two "low risk" cookies! Wouldn't you agree? P.S. Is there any way that I can get Email messages when replies come in to one of my Topics, or locate just my own posts? I see no way to do either of these things in this Forum, as can be done in others.
  6. I have no idea why the log ran outside of the limits of your page!
  7. I was able to remove a "trojan" in my next-to=last scan, but not two tiny "low risk" Tracking Cookies, which I was told that I would have to come to this Forum to get help to manually remove! I then reran the scan, and got the same message. Here's the log of that last scan: ~ INLINE LOG file REMOVED {the content was copied and attached. Lynx} What should I do to get rid of them manually? (I don't know why your log says that the two cookies were "deleted," because they weren't!) Thank you!
  8. Well--I just ran another DEEP SCAN and NO Trojan was found once again! In the first Scan (which also contained some "low risk" cookies,) the Scan showed that the Trojan "Trojan.Generic.IS!IK" was contained in three separate files, and now it doesn't appear to exist anywhere on the computer at all! What the . . . ? I did three Deep Scans, and the Trojan only appeared in the first one! I'm not that familiar with computer terminology. Did I have what is known as a "False Positive" in my first Scan? . . . or? Anyway, here's my latest Deep Scan report (with the "low risk" cookies deleted after the second Scan). It's too bad that I didn't know how to display a Scan when that first one was showing that I had that scary "Trojan" listed along with those cookies! Thank you for any help or explanation on this matter!
  9. Now I'm completely flummoxed! The new Deep Scan DIDN'T FIND the Trojan this time! I'm going to run the scan once more later today. In the meantime, here's the A-Squared Free Log without the Trojan!
  10. Lynx, Thanks for your help! I will run a deep scan now and will post the log in my next reply (I never saved earlier scan logs when updating A-squared Free, however, since those scans had never found anything of note). All sorts of strange things are happening to my computer after I apparently got this Trojan. Pages resize themselves, inappropriate pop-ups appear in my Email provider, grayed-out "desktop.ini" icons are appearing on my desktop (which I deleted, but perhaps I shouldn't--so I'm leaving them in in my Recycle bin), my defragmenting software doesn't defragment--and who knows what else! How much of this is do to the Trojan, and how much to something else or my ineptness, I don't know. Thanks for your help. I'm starting the Deep Scan.
  11. Thanks, Lynx! I've been at this for an hour-and-a-half, and am totally unable to figure-out how to attach the A-squared Free log! Every time I attempted to do so, I was given a message that I cannot attach such a file! I may have to run the scan again in order to give you the A-squared log, since it's nearly midnight, but I need to know how to do attach the A-Squared Free log first, and would appreciate any help. I'm barely computer literate! I hope that I've attached the other two required attachments correctly. Since today is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and I will be gone all day Friday, unless I get a reply today, I won't be able to reply again until Saturday the 28th. Thank you for any and all help from anyone!
  12. I am only computer semi-literate, and although I read some instructions in your old Forum, to another member, as to how to remove this particular Trojan (which A-squared Free isn't able to remove on its own), I simply don't understand them! Can someone please help me to remove this Trojan in a manner that I can easily understand? Thank you!
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