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  1. Lynx, A) You asked why I would worry about the file being bad for my comp. Well, you yourself, as you seem to be a one person crusade to help all the lost here, had the Not in your not officially recommended in red and underlined. That has always meant bad, don't do that, avoid, etc, etc, etc. That's why I had to ask. B) I tried the direct download and it worked great. The whole file downloaded in under a minute and once I put it in the sigs file, the program was able to update like it should and all is well! Thanks for helping !! - especially since I only 'speak' like 3 sentences worth in tech and get lost not far after that
  2. If downloading the sigs from Ikarus is so "Not Offically Supported", is it safe to do so? I don't want to download something that is going to screw up my comp or infect it - it would more than defeat the point of trying to get A2 to work properly. I still don't understand why it will not download the update? Are the servers that overloaded? Is there a better time of day to try to download when they are not so busy? Even if I did get the Ikarus sigs from their site, would I have to do that ever time I update. I can't update everyday if I can't get it to update once at all? ~ Whole Quotation Removed {Lynx}
  3. Let's see...XP Pro SP3, cable internet, I have SuperAntispyware, Threatfire, ZoneAlarm, SpywareGuard, Ad-aware, and Avast as my 'running' anit-everything programs. A2 has permission to run updates from Zonalarm, it just times-out. I haven't got the foggiest idea of how to start in safemode with networking?? Totally lost me there. I have been trying to get this update since the 21st. Hope those stats are what you wanted? Thanks. ~ Whole Quotation Removed {Lynx}
  4. I have read several topics about this, but they either seem to be solved, just about how long and big the files are, or are involving dial-up. I don't have problems with internet speed or the size of the file - I just can't get the file to download. It refuses. I have been trying to download the same 49meg update for days - days!? I don't get it. I have seen it get all the way up to 94% done...and then it freezes again, eventually it times out and says that "Ikarus signatures can not be downloaded. The server update is currently unavailable. Please try again with an update in a few minutes." Normally it only gets to 17% or so before it freezes and times-out. I have been trying, again, for days. Different times of day for that matter. Early, late, mid-day. This software seems to be good at what it does - but it doesn't do me any good if it can't update. Any ideas?