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  1. ok thanks for the help guys, much appreciated!
  2. Ive already did this before, actually the thread is locked, shadow already helped me fix my computer... I was just curious if these were false positives.. I didn't ask to open the other thread as the issue was resolved. I haven't tried deleting these files yet, as 1 came up as Combo.fix and I thought it was a false positive. If I need to attach the other logs thats fine, but I dont see why that would be necessary when Its not a problem requiring shadows help to remove a virus. regardless, let me know.
  3. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to check my log here and see if these 2 Trojan's are malicious or if its a false positive. thanks in advance
  4. okay so i logged off my guest account after deleting files as u said to and It screwed up my computer, After Running the CCleaner and logging off to go back to my administration account to check for more files, everything messed up. It wouldnt let me do task manager when i tried to log in, (because explorer did not load) and i had to restart my computer to be able to run task manager, so that i could type explorer.exe to get it running, then when it loaded my desktop background image wasn't set and it wont let me add a new one.
  5. Okay I do not have a My Computer File on my computer lol. All i have is computer. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium, 32 bit. I have done most of the other steps but cannot figure out how to turn sytem restore off and back on. thanks for the help.
  6. Ok so first time I logged on today I had to use task manager to start windows again, however the rest of the times i logged on today it started in the correct fashion. Anyways here's the files that you asked for.
  7. Didnt wanna edit and mess something up.. just to let you know I logged on and I did NOT have to use task manager this time... assuming everything checks out ok my computer seems fine. Thanks again for all the help it is truly appreciated
  8. After running the FixReg.reg i still had to CTRL ALT DELETE to task manager and start the explorer.exe to get my windows going. Also I still have not deleted the Trace file that a squared found.. should i go ahead and delete it? regardless here are the files u asked for. thanks for the help thus far, I appreciate it.
  9. heres the scan file you asked for. Also I logged in and out of the account several times and had to go through the task manager and type explorer.exe to get my desktop running. I have not deleted/quarantined anything as of yet, as I wanted to see what you think I should do. Also I am attaching a Hi Jack free log as I believe it may be a service/process thats stopping windows from running properly.
  10. Okay, how do I delete the quarantined malware? Also, My administration account is severly messed up.. I got a virus through yahoo messenger, and it spread through my system.. I was able to use CTRL ALT DELETE and went through help to get to my control panel and create the guest profile I am currently using. However, my main account is a black screen when i log onto it.. There is No Taskbar, No Start Menu, and no Icons whatsoever.. I downloaded several items from download.com as well as my AVG, I ran several programs before using yours. However, yours found 19 more viruses that the others didnt catch. i deleted 18 of them and i guess I quarantined this one. However my system still is not correct.
  11. It wouldn't let me attach any other files through the editor, so here are the rest of the logs asked for.
  12. Okay so a-squared ran into a file that it was not able to delete. The first scan picked it up and the second scan it did not appear again. I believe I may have clicked quarantine before I came onto this forum. I followed the steps in the start here thread, so I attached the files asked, The first file shows the scan results which had the trojan in it, the second scan did not pick up anything. I just started step 3 and am getting ready to run it with the log file attached.. How do i do that? Thanks in advance for any help.
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