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  1. I'm trying to set up a new computer. I need to change the Yahoo email and password. The site won't let me. I apparently have another account under just Weezy. Can't these be merged? I'll tend to the other stuff tomorrow
  2. I've been using OA for quite a while. Since I haven't had problems, I haven't posted. I'm now changing laptops. I haven't seen OA saying anything about renewal and the app itself says I have 289 days left. I forgot what I bought. I do have the key if you need it. I've been using an XP laptop that for some reason won't take SP3. (Tech tried) I just bought a 7 laptop and want to put OA on it. How do I transfer and what version? Also, this site won't let me change email or password. I got in under a temporary key, and I can't get any changes. I forgot my password, and when I try to
  3. Yes, we did use trust everything. We had just cleaned some malware off and had been scanning with MBAM, ESET, etc for 2 days. Dug bits and pieces of malware out of registry, too. I had a list of what to remove. The bits were under Search Assistant. Nothing showed up in any scan. He was using ZA free, and that let part of the problem in.
  4. The history shows nothing blocked - we looked though all the panels and .cpl files were not listed anywhere. He was logged on as admin when we did the learning session. Nothing in control panel would open. Couldn't even open the mouse control which should be available to all. Just got a windows error. Everything else seemed OK - Eset didn't complain. Browsers worked, just couldn't use the control panel. Trying to use add/delete programs. Turned off each module (web, program, etc.) one by one didn't solve the problem. Had to shut down OA totally to use control panel. Weezy
  5. I'm having another family member try out OA. We downloaded the premium as test to see if he'd like it. It works as my older version does, but it has knocked out all parts of the control panel. We just get an error message that we can't run add/remove programs, etc. If we turn OA off, it works. The user is running XP home sp2. Why that wasn't fixed to 3 I'm not sure. The tech can't update the service patch. I do have an older version that is running on a laptop with the same configuration. (Can't be updated, either.) I'm not having any problems. How long can you get updates for the older ver
  6. I emailed customer service, haven't heard from them. Online Armor 26th May, 2009 11:39 Tall Emu (Direct) 26th May, 2010 11:39 Online Armor 11th Aug, 2009 16:37 Tall Emu (Direct) 11th Aug, 2010 16:37 Online Armor 3rd Apr, 2010 18:00 Tall Emu (Direct) 3rd Apr, 2011 18:00 Were those promotions last year or 2009? I paid around 39.30 last April for something. I've changed computers and am looking for receipts. And the note I do have says Family Pack. (I do have the serial numbers) Thanks
  7. Just went to renew and all it's showing is the April license. How do I change it? Thanks
  8. Glad to see you Catprincess. Problem is, I'm down to 2 computers and don't see any price or way to renew for just 2. 1 computer will be rebuilt elsewhere and the user will probably install their own security. I just have 2 XP laptops. Thanks.
  9. I took advantage of the giveaways a couple of years ago, but the license info I have says Family Pack, and the verification. I looked under licenses, and there are 3 listed with various dates. Shouldn't a family pack be all one date? Plus I'm down to 2 computers. I had to get a different download as one computer was running W2K. That computer is now running Ubuntu. I'm not sure which license is for which computer. Also we lost another computer. Here is what I have listed Product: Online Armor Family Pack Licence Key: <removed> Can someone please straighten out the renewals for me?
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