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  1. thanks for the answer. Well, the port is 3306 (mySQL) So after examining your post I realised that if the inbound port for mysql is opened, then it's opened for both WAN and LAN? In the Free version I can't restrict this port only for LAN right?
  2. Hi. I've switched from the outdated Sunbelt Personal Firewall 4.6.xxxx to OA Free. I like the OA more - it's just pro. Let's say I want my SQL server be accessible (opened ports) for trusted 192.168.0.x network over my LAN, but blocked for all WAN connections. It means I want only network computers to have access to the sql port, but no others from the internet (so the sql port is blocked for any other connections than lan connections). Unfortunatelly I don't really know how to do that. I've tried to block SQL inbound port, but then I couldn't connect to my database from a network computer. I've set my local area as Trusted, but that won't help. Any ideas how can I manage to do the above? Thanks in advance.