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  1. I just talked with my sister in law and she found the bag the computer came with. It is an HP and so apparently it does not have recovery discs but rather a partition that you can access upon rebooting to restore the system. There is an option for a user to make their own recovery discs but of course my sister in law never did this. So it sounds like all I have to do is back up whatever data she wants to save, then reboot the computer and hit F11 and then follow the steps from there to reset the system back to factory clean and then update all the windows and HP updates that have happened up to this date. The virus should be eradicated then correct? Then I will install firewall, antivirus, etc. to help make sure this doesn't reoccur. Does this sound like what I should be doing? Thanks, Sleeping Dog
  2. Okay. I will see what we can do. It may be some time...but I will get back to you and let you know if we were successful or not. Thanks, Sleeping Dog
  3. Okay, so if she can't find the OEM installation media that came with the computer she would either contact the manufacturer or microsoft? Is she just out of luck? Thanks! Sleeping Dog
  4. Thanks for the clean install instructions of windows xp. One other problem which from quickly looking at the instructions I do not think it addresses is that my sister in law does not think she has the operating disc that came with the computer (it's with her ex-husband who is not likely to help her in any way). I have the discs for a different laptop, a gateway that had XP as well as for desktops of various versions like windows 98. What if I used one of those...could that work? The clean install instructions talk about what to do if the computer won't boot up from the cd-rom and if that is the case how to obtain a windows xp setup boot disc, but I don't think that is the problem with her machine. Or is the setup boot disc what I'm looking for? Sorry to be flailing around so much here... One other question is that, providing I can get an operating system disc to do the clean install, is it safe to back up her photos, music etc onto a CD and then scan and reinstall them or is that just inviting the virus to reinfect the computer again? Should I attempt to save some of her data? Also, I mentioned in my last post that my own computer ahd a virus issue. I let A2 run and quarantined the files it told me to. The Win32 problem seems to have something to do with Big Fish Games which I have installed on my machine. Hopefully the issue was taken care of by A2. If I have further issues with this new problem should I start a new thread? Thanks, Sleeping Dog
  5. Now my supposedly healthy computer is showing virus.win32.sality!ik on a current Asquared scan that is still running. Don't know if this could be from transferring the logs over from the infected machine. virus.win32.sality!ik was not one of the infections that seemed to be on the other computer I am fixing. I will quarantine the files after A2 is finished scanning. Can you instruct me how to do a "clean install" of the operating system? I still have my disk so maybe that would be the safest way to go. Also, if I do a clean install, can I backup movies, music, photos, spreadsheets, and word files in such a way as to avoid transferring the virus with my valued data? Can the virus attach itself to this type of data or do I need to be worried about that? Thanks, Sleeping Dog
  6. The problem is that the infected computer cannot get to the internet except for the site the trojan is directing it to so an update is not possible. It seemed like I could not get the updated version on the CD although the updated version is on my healthy computer. I got the program installed but am not sure how to get the updates onto a cd and then update Asquared. Hope this is clear. Thanks, Sleepingdog
  7. Here are the logs from a-squared and the same combofix log. Thanks! SleepingDog
  8. Here is the combo fix log. I am trying to write the asquared logs onto a disc but it is being very, very slow. I will send them as soon as I can. Thanks! Sleeping Dog
  9. I have the combo fix log that I can attach. I ran asquared before contacting your site in the hopes it would take care of the problem and I set it to delete as many infected files as possible. I have two logs from before contacting your site and seeing the start up instructions that say not to delete anything just save the logs. So I am running asquared right now just to see what is currently the situation. Would it help you to have all three asquared logs once the current scan is run to help sort out any files that I deleted before contacting your site? Or do you just want the most current log? Thanks! Sleeping Dog
  10. I was able to get a log out of running combo fix. The computer is still infected. The infection is blocking me from running CCcleaner, Hijackfree, and ISeeYouXP. A squared is able to run from when I installed it before I contacted your site. I can attach logs of combofix and asquared but unless you can advise, I am not able to get the other programs running to show logs. I am a little worried about putting the log files from the infected machine onto a cd and then putting the cd into my computer. Could the infection get on the uninfected computer? I did insert the disc with the combofix log onto the uninfected computer and scanned it with asquared, malwarebytes, and AVG9.0 and it looks uninfected. Please advise on whether it would help for me to attach the combofix log and the Asquared logs and if it is safe to do so. Thanks!
  11. Thank you for your reply! I am wondering though, you say to download combo fix to my desktop. You see, I can't download anything with the infected computer. I don't have a repair shop or anything so I wonder if it would work to actually download the combo fix on my healthy machine onto a CD, and then to install the CD from there onto the infected computer? Otherwise I don't know how to get the combo fix onto the sick machine. Hope this question on your instructions makes sense! Thanks again!
  12. I am trying to help a relative whose computer has all these infections. Cannot use the internet to get online with her computer so I am using my own computer to write this post. I put Asquared and Malwarebytes onto a CD and ran them but of course they cannot hook up to the internet for updates etc. The scans revealed lots of malware but much of it could not be removed or quarantined. For sure Enterprise Suite, Reanti, and Koobface are on her machine and I think there are many many more problems. She had no antivirus, firewalls, or other security installed except for spybot search and destroy so the machine was essentially defenseless. Despite running malwarebytes and Asquared, the fake security messages continue to pop up, the internet cannot be used for anything except access to MSN or the fake site the trojan wants to direct it to. Is the best thing to do just to see if she has the operating disc and reinstall the operating system? Manual removal sounds like it will be very difficult and results not guaranteed. Any advice you could give would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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