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  1. Well I managed to finally get someone to send me the file for ISeeYouXP.I got that working,heres the last two log files for that and a-squared.
  2. Well,I dont really have another computer to download from,is there any other options?
  3. I think something may be blocking the download for ISeeYouXP,i took down my firewall and the page still only comes up in error.
  4. Hello,I'm having some problems with a-squared not being able to delete the files its detected on my computer.My computer's been acting really slow and fritzy,I have some program called "sogou/sogue pxp accellerator" which I'm pretty sure is spyware.I've tried add/remove programs,but i get an error saying the program is not there.Plus I have some pesky undeleteable files on my desktop of which I've tried to delete using other methods but they just re-appear.Theyre called "CAIRWBB0" and "CAIRWBB0." I'm pretty sure its all interrelated so anyways.Any help is much appreciated,thank you. (Sorry I cant seem to download ISeeYouXP from the link in the start here forum.)
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