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  1. Hi Lynx, that is what I thought, many thanks for your prompt answer, regards Enrico
  2. Hi there, I am currently using emisoft Antimalware, trial version, I also have an antivirus installed, Avira free. I would like to know if the two are compatible, so far I have not had any issues, but maybe with emisoft Antimalware there is no need for an antivirus, thank you in advance for your reply Enrico
  3. I am really sorry for bugging the malware helpers on this site with my specific problem, but I tried every possible combo, at least the autoscan worked, just once, now not anymore. The auto update feature never fires up, I still have to manually update all signatures. What if I uninstall a2 antimalware, and re install it all over again? Would that do it? I can't believe two features like auto update and autoscan won't work, they usually do in all other products I use on my pc, such as Avira Personal Antivirus. If you people can suggest any solution, you are more than welcome, if not, so be it. Thank you anyway for trying to help me out. Enrico
  4. Hi H_D I see what you are saying, as a matter of fact the auto update should start within seconds from booting the OS, but it won't do it. I now set the auto update as you show, once every hour, let's see if that changes things, in the meantime I attach my update setting andlog, where you'll see all updates are manual.
  5. Good afternoon Lynx, nice talking to you again. After following your thread on image posting, I took two more images of my a squared configuration. You'll see both auto scan, now working, and auto update, still not starting in automatic mode. Have a look, and see if you can find some error in the configuration set. Thank you again, you are very patient and kind Enrico
  6. Hi H_D I registered with Image Shacks, try this link http://my.imageshack.us/v_images.php It should show the setting for auto update, let's see if you can help me out
  7. Hi Lynx, finally the scheduled scan works, after following your directions. What still doesn't work is the automatic update, it just won't start, I tried many configurations, the last one is in the attachment, maybe you have some other suggestion regarding this matter, in the meantime thanks for your precious time and help Enrico PS It seems I have used 4.76MB of my 5MB global upload quota, so I can't attach the file, what should I do now?
  8. Hi Lynx, here is the info you requested: 1) System Environment: Windows XP 32 bit, Avira Antivir personal edition for Antivirus; Windows firewall 2) Language set is English, I don't know what you mean by "system localized" 3) I attached a couple of images from paint, with my current settings I hope this helps you out in finding where the problem is, thank you very much, looking forward to your reply Enrico
  9. I set both scheduled scan and automatic update in the updater settings, but it won't do it. I tried with different times and days, but I have to do both manually. FYI I am using the trial version of a squared antimalware. Could it be I am doing something wrong, or it just works once you actually pay for the product? Thanks in advance, regards Enrico
  10. Hi Shadow, I take it I missed a lot of steps and rules in sending the infected file over for analysis, next time I'll make sure I read the link you posted before submitting any file. To make it short I just reformatted my hard disk, did a complete clean up and installed everything all over again. Sorry for not following the rules, and wasting your time. Next time I'll be more careful, thank you very much for your patience and support, I appreciate it, it was very nice of you, until next time, take care and again thank you Enrico
  11. Hi Shadow, I am sure you know more about malware then I do, and if you say I might have others files infected I believe you. Now, to my problem: once I rescan my disk, how do I send you the copy of the quarantine list? I need you to show me all the necessary steps to do that. Besides, if other files are infected, as you think, what if no other file is picked up in the quarantine list, beside the hook.dll ? Second thing: if I want to become proficient in malware analysis,as you are, just as a personal interest, what should I be doing? In the meantime I really thank you for giving me some of your time, I appreciate it, trust me. Enrico
  12. Sorry but it won't let me upload it. Here is a txt of my quarantine list anyway
  13. I just did a deep scan and all a-squared found was a hook.dll malware. I attached the hook.dll file, but let me explain to you what that is. If I uninstall the Trust gaming mouse software, upon rebooting I get a message: Load DLL failed; if I install the mouse software again, right away under system 32 I see that hook.dll file again, the one attached. My guess is Trust named that file hook.dll, so some antimalware programs pick it up as a trojan. I scanned that hook.dll file with some other online scanners, and no one found it to be a malware. I tried with Trendmicro, kaspersky, Avira, Malwarebites, they seem to find that file clean and legitimate. I hope I made myself clear. Of course the Load DLL failed message is not there anymore. This trial thing has been done more then once on a reformatted disk, with the OS reinstalled from scratch. So, not a chance I could pick that dll file up from the internet. Enrico
  14. I understand. Let me do a rescan and I'll post the list again, many thanks. Enrico
  15. I am not looking for an help in malware removal. I thought my post was clear, I am just trying to figure out how come no one at Emsi softare never replied to any of my e mails, I am just asking for those files to be analized so I can decide whether I should delete them from my quarantine list, what those files are related to, since two other products I have (Avira antivir and Malwarebites) do not recognize those files as malware. I hope this makes it cleare now.
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