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  1. I can confirm this. I tried to resize the window to see the whole process names and the upper right corner started flickering like crazy. I couldn't reproduce this behaviour, though, so I didn't report it. I still try to make that happen again, but it doesn't.
  2. Please don't get me wrong, but there is a reason why software is updated, so I don't see any sense in complaining about flaws of version 4.5x; This support forum is for users with problems so it isn't a wrong step to write your problems here, when you look to other threads you will see that there are always EMSI employees around who try to help. Version 5 is much faster and I don't feel any impact on my system, neither on my i5, nor on my [email protected] So the 1. thing I would recommend is that you always use the newest version of a program. And 2.: Maybe you should try a behaviour blocker
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