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  1. I purchased the Internet Security Pack . It took me hours to install it . The directions are ambiguous at best. This is my 3rd year of using this product . I sent several messages to" Support " none were replied [email protected] keys one for antimalware one for Firewall . i see a message above my Topic : "you must enter a post . " . Where is the button to click "Post" ? I am told to register the Key to make it easier when I purchase a new P. C . .How do i access the place to do so? and wdo i register both keys or the one issued by CleverBridge? I also have to buy a new Internet security pack for so
  2. I am the only person using this P.C. . No, the Caps were not activated. . i tried to reply early to your questions but this "reply box "wasn't available and i didn't have "Reply to this Topic" option .
  3. i am asked for my PW to unlock the GUI but it will not be accepted (tried many times ) i have been trying to find ways of fixing this issue, without success for hours. I use Mozilla Firefox but it didn't work in IE . either . i am to the point of getting a new Suite . i don't think you need the data you asked for but Ii have a Dell P.C 2002 Windows XP . Sce pack 3 Intel ® Pentium 4 CPU and 32 I hope you can help and i would appreciate it. oldienewbie
  4. these are the logs you needed , I hope . Fatiguee
  5. I know exactly what you need and I have been trying to get the info to you ,however, even though I have a short cut of the notepad logs The ones you mentioned )as a text icon on my desk top and the files are also in my C/ drive I have been unable to attach, copy and paste, etc to you . These are functions I have never done before. My former Firewall Suite took care of it automatically. I am having a young man just out of college ,1/3 of my age coming tomorrow to explain to me how to proceed. I know and appreciate your replies but I am almost as frustrated as you are. Thank you for not gi
  6. I didEmsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 1.0 Last update: 5/31/2011 1:24:18 PM Scan settings: Scan type: Smart Scan Objects: Memory, Traces, Cookies, C:\WINDOWS\, C:\Program Files Scan archives: Off Heuristics: Off ADS Scan: On Scan start: 5/31/2011 1:24:58 PM Scanned Files: 15888 Traces: 474510 Cookies: 39 Processes: 37 Found Files: 0 Traces: 0 Cookies: 0 Processes: 0 Registry keys: 0 Scan end: 5/31/2011 1:42:32 PM Scan time: 0:17:34 what you dictated.
  7. Which logs? There are just 2 entries after each AV scan : ?Ask - C:\Documents and Settings\All users\Application Data\ A8ADE5D8 -(alternate data stream) Detection: suspicious ( legend color is dark pink .) The second entry is similar except for the name \DFC5A282 ( legend is pale pink) The AV scan stats: no infection - Suspicious::2 by the way in OTL Go Geek to look at tutorial the site for Newbie does not function
  8. Are these entries Malware? . I wasn't asking for assistance at this point, just to know if it will re-appear over and over again when I get rid of it which i thought I did when i deleted it . There was not option for quarantine. only to extract it (to where?)and I didn't know what would happen if I did . I looked in the Help menu but there were no details either
  9. AV found 2 applications: A8ADE5D8 and DFC5A282. , the first one High risk according to the legend . I delete them . I cannot find them in any Temp files folders. in my C drive as applications. How do I get rid of them and is my security compromised.?
  10. where is the button to post in forums

  11. Thank for your very clear advice. I had read the help feature but , I still wasn't sure . I am going to take it one step at a time . I don't remember doing any thing with the previous version ,.as far as the firewall settings . Cheers!
  12. When I clock on Firewall status . there is a red bar on the icon . Id like to know with simple language if there is is anything I should change? On the interface option one is trusted , the other is active. Are these the default settings?
  13. I am still without OA firewall. I am sorry to keep on bothering you , you have been very patient. .I cannot reset my key . I tried to re-register but was asked for a Validation number . I thought they wanted my license key . i don't know what the validation # is . I totally removed the firewall from my laptop . So I presume I should be able to re-register for my First /main P.C. I had had problems (don't get old) with my renewal a month ago ,at the time I was using on line Armor forum and the Administrator told me he disabled it while he was trying to help me. I forgot to ask him to re
  14. i can reach forums with FF but i have to have IE as my browser of choice , At least that's what I have found out. Maybe something is blocking it since you say many people have no problems . i tried log on to OA line but they have my second computer with my key attached tothe my registration . Not this P. c. tTmorrow I'll call clever ridge and see if they'll issue me another key and maybe i'll be able to activate the program . Thank You !
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