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  1. kindly start loading up a PC with win7, online armor and Avast/AVG/whatever free antivirus of your choosing and DOCUMENTING what makes OA stop the OS from booting in less than 20 minutes.... i'm sick and frakking tired of installing Online Armor onto a home user's pc just to have them call me and b1tch about the dog-a$$ slow boot up time when OA clashes with the antivirus. and don't give me the "exclusion" crap, i don't want to hear it. get off your dead a$$ and figure out what is causing the slowdown and FIX IT ALREADY !! "It'll be fixed in the next version...." horse$h1t... i've been hearing that since win7 came out and its STILL NOT FIXED... people use your software because its free, its a decent firewall and (up until win7) it worked GREAT !!! yes, i'm fully aware that i'm complaining about a "free" product... but when people like me (who fix home computers) can't install your software without a neverending string of issues, how in the twelve hells do you expect to GAIN market share ? we used to use ZoneAlarm until they sold out to micro$uck, we used to use BlackIce until they sold out to whomever, and we WANT to keep using and promoting YOUR software... i WANT to be able to install your software without a dozen caveats... i WANT to be able to recommend your software to my clients... i WANT to be able to SELL your software to businesses that ask for my expert opinion... and most of all i WANT to be able to install your software and WALK AWAY from the computer knowing its well and fully protected... but i cant. because you have conflicts with AV programs...and remote access programs... and who knows whatever else... so tell your QAQC guys to pull their heads out of their a$$ and get this mess resolved.... your userbase is SICK AND TIRED of excuses. let us know when you're 100% compatible with the real world, or stop wasting our time. and thanks for everything that worked before.... you USED to have a great product !! and it's my fervent hope you will again ! /rant