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  1. Thank you so much, I've been so nervous about this My sister has a question, I was wondering if you could answer it? She wants to know if (since we are in a network) she is in any danger from getting malware that I get? And also, did it do any harm at all from deleting opencanvas?
  2. Again, sorry for the delay...I couldn't get the appropriate logs because I had to go to bed Anyway, here they are...tell me if I did anything wrong, because I seem to have a knack for doing that.
  3. Sorry this took so long... Got the needed logs now, the issue mentioned in the title appears to be no more after I deleted it...but I did suddenly get 56 tracking cookies (there were apparently 30 before, according to another anti-malware scan.). Seeing as the malicious-looking object is now gone, does that mean that deleting the infected file got rid of the problem?
  4. So far I have the scan report for A2 so I'll post that. I'll post the rest as soon as I have them. Sorry.
  5. Thank you, I have read the 'Start here' and found it informative...I hope this issue can be resolved soon.
  6. Hello everyone, I come here seeking your advice after I found the malware(?) mentioned in the title lurking on my computer. It was supposedly located in my Open Canvas file...which I went ahead and deleted; this leaves me with two questions: 1) What was this thing? 2) Should I have deleted it? Am I still at risk from it? And if so, what do I do to kill off the threat? (More than two questions, then.).
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