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  1. Same problem as HonnyDog. Sent a a ticket to support
  2. Crashed a few minutes ago while I was playing Fallen London (a browser adventure) on Firefox 44.0.2022216-5413-01.dmp I could not upload the kernel memory dump as it's over 120 MB when compressed. I hope the minidump is enough
  3. I'm sorry I only have small memory dumps (256 kb) I'll change my startup & recovery setting to full kernel dump just in case it crashes again
  4. Last night I was playing a 2D game (not a resource intensive one) when my pc crashed. While BSOD showed a message mentioning igdkmd64.sys (I was playing with the integrated gpu) according to BlueScreenView "fwwfp764.sys" is the likely culprit. On 21 Jan i had a crash while web browsing with Firefox according to BSV it was caused by "pacer.sys" (dunno if its an EIS component) Can you help me Thanks 012116-4586-01.dmp 020916-4477-01.dmp
  5. How long before next update that hopefully will fix this issue?
  6. Likely (hope it's solved in next IS update) So it's kinda pointless to switch to a different torrent client Am I the only one having issues with torrents and such ?
  7. A couple hrs after cpu usage has gone back to over 60% ; even mouse movement is laggy. Disabling firewall reduces it to less than 10% (average) Haiku's advice did not work for me . Any idea ?
  8. Reinstalled EIS . Cpu usage for qbittorent + Firefox ranges between 15% to low twenties
  9. Glad to hear that......I think I'll give it a try (tomorrow)
  10. Thanks for the advice....let me know if it really works I think I'll wait a little more for "GT500" opinion before doing anything
  11. I made no big changes in W7 ....I only assigned a static ip to my pc. The port (28002) used in the virtual server was chosen by qbittorrent
  12. Could it been an issue related to port mapping ? I've set up a virtual router for qbittorent in my router management
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