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  1. Thank goodness One more question 1)Any idea why I could not run EEK ?
  2. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/49aa06eaffe431f05687109fee25f66781abbe1108f3f8ca78c79bdec8753420?nocache=1 I didn’t mean to disrespect him but these days hackers got smarter
  3. Do you had any chance to check my logs ? Do you think there's anything suspicious ? Can I upload the "safe" installer to have it checked? I've been asked by "Emsisoft Customer Support" (Claude Bader) ,via email, permission to log into my Workspace . Can i trust him ? Is it necessary ?
  4. I've already an open ticket (#5684720) but they're kind of slow/busy so if you can help . I tried installing a disc authoring (Imgburn) sw that I used on Windows 7. To my regret I did not work correctly so I ended uninstalling. I was advised to verify the checksum and guess my installer (downloaded back in 2015) was very different from the one currently available (https://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download) Did a malware scan on my old installer finding a pup while the new one looked clean Checked my EIS setting and I realized I had excluded that file from "on demand scan" (guess I thought I could install it avoiding the pup) A few minutes later I did a custom scan on the os drive finding nothing to worry (see scan_220525-191128.txt) Just finished a custom scan on every storage drive and guess that old installer is indeed infected (see scan_220526-171819) I tried following the instruction shown by ShadowPeterDude but i could not run EEK I temporarely disabled my EIS protection and tried running from a different directory but no luck (see Immagine 2022-05-27 024314.png) Had better luck with Farbar scan_220525-191128.txt scan_220526-171819.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Case closed😃 Thx for your help
  6. Guess the addition one is fine too .... Thx
  7. Here's the log Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Thanks for the advice...I'll update later this week
  9. To run Farbar on w10 I have temporily switch off a smartcreen setting right?
  10. I took away 2 hard drives (where he stored docs etc...) he also had on that pc and ran a "deep" scansion from mine I detected and removed several adwares (the "idiot" back then had the habit of saving web pages with all the related javascript trash) from those 2 hdd Just to be sure I also purged those drives from all similiar junk (*js) and now I'm going to run farbar on them scan_220417-211651.txt scan_220418-001615.txt
  11. Good to know ...it's from a relative's pc that had trobules with Avira albeit on a different drive and os (w7). Might upload some logs from that drive
  12. Not sure this w10 pc is clean . Can you help me Thx Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_220416-191057.txt
  13. Same problem as HonnyDog. Sent a a ticket to support
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