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  1. Same problem as HonnyDog. Sent a a ticket to support
  2. Crashed a few minutes ago while I was playing Fallen London (a browser adventure) on Firefox 44.0.2022216-5413-01.dmp I could not upload the kernel memory dump as it's over 120 MB when compressed. I hope the minidump is enough
  3. I'm sorry I only have small memory dumps (256 kb) I'll change my startup & recovery setting to full kernel dump just in case it crashes again
  4. Last night I was playing a 2D game (not a resource intensive one) when my pc crashed. While BSOD showed a message mentioning igdkmd64.sys (I was playing with the integrated gpu) according to BlueScreenView "fwwfp764.sys" is the likely culprit. On 21 Jan i had a crash while web browsing with Firefox according to BSV it was caused by "pacer.sys" (dunno if its an EIS component) Can you help me Thanks 012116-4586-01.dmp 020916-4477-01.dmp
  5. How long before next update that hopefully will fix this issue?
  6. Likely (hope it's solved in next IS update) So it's kinda pointless to switch to a different torrent client Am I the only one having issues with torrents and such ?
  7. A couple hrs after cpu usage has gone back to over 60% ; even mouse movement is laggy. Disabling firewall reduces it to less than 10% (average) Haiku's advice did not work for me . Any idea ?
  8. Reinstalled EIS . Cpu usage for qbittorent + Firefox ranges between 15% to low twenties
  9. Glad to hear that......I think I'll give it a try (tomorrow)
  10. Thanks for the advice....let me know if it really works I think I'll wait a little more for "GT500" opinion before doing anything
  11. I made no big changes in W7 ....I only assigned a static ip to my pc. The port (28002) used in the virtual server was chosen by qbittorrent
  12. Could it been an issue related to port mapping ? I've set up a virtual router for qbittorent in my router management
  13. Added 70 well seeded torrents to my queue Cpu usage is around 40-50 % Opening Firefox (with about 50 tabs) makes it more laggy even mouse is unresponsive Disabling the firewall lowers the cpu usage to less than 10 % (rarely spiking to 15%) even download speed jumps from about 600 kbs to over 1400 kps
  14. No to both questions. Seems to be random. Worked fine in last 24 hrs I'll try seeding much more torrents to see if it happens again
  15. Sure Here are the logs To be honest this issue is becoming less severe as time goes by FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. Disabling the firewall lowers the cpu usage greatly (less than 5% with Firefox & qbittorrent active)
  17. I've been experiencing something similiar in the last few days . My pc (i5 4670 16gb w7 64bit) lags like crazy when using qbittorent 3.1.12 . Cpu usage jumps from 7-15% (idle) to over 85 % when qbittorrent is active . I do not have many torrents active (only 16) I've already checked my pc for malware Any idea?
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