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  1. Hi Stapp, All Apple related things are green and trusted: AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe AppleMobileBackup.exeMobileServices.exe iTunes.dll iTunes.exe iTuneshelper.dll iTumesHelper.exe iTodService.exe Quicktime.qts QTTask.exe Bonjour does not show up at all. Not sure if it comes under a different name. Thanks, Stuart
  2. Hi Lynx, Thanks for your reply. I am having issues locating these as OA has again locked up. I will do a reboot and post the results. The PC is on a network at home. The services that I noticed are: Apple Mobile Device and Bonjour Service No it was a clean install and OA is the only firewall I have used. Yes I read this and searched before posting. It seemed to not be related. Thanks again, Stuart
  3. I recently setup iTunes on my Windows XP machine and when the machine starts up I do not have net access and programs such as firefox and thunderbird will not start. The only way that I was able to get it to start again was to turn off the firewall in Online Armor premium ( If I turn off the firewall, they then load and I am able to access the net. When I do this the basic windows xp firewall activates and I can access all programs fine. This is even with itunes not started (athough I am sure some of the iTunes related services have started). After turning Online Armor firewall on and off, it then locks up and I cannot shutdown the machine without clicking the rest button on my machine. Any ideas on how I get online armor and itunes to work together? Running Windows XP SP3 Online Armor Vipre Antivirus 4.03 iTunes Thanks, Stuart