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  1. But as languy99 said, now everithing is OK. ("now" means that after reinstalling everithing works ok). Do you still need status report?
  2. Are You going to implement (when it will be done) the new Emsisoft Anti-malware 6.0 engine into Online Armor ++ 5.0?
  3. Is there an option to change the new "alert boxes" style(introduced in Online Armor 5 version) to the old one present in OA 4.5? I'm user of OA++ and a have to say that v4.5 alert boxes meets all my needs and in some way I get very used to them. Sorry for bad English.
  4. Hi there, users and Emsisoft employers. I am very satisfied user of Mamutu on my notebook (and OA++ on my Desktop Comp.) I have won an 1 year Mamutu license from a recent giveaway. I have 9 more mounts of my existing ongoing license. Can I activate and use the license I won in 9 mounts from now? (would it still be usable after 9 if it remain inactivated or there is limited period in witch it can be activated) Sorry for my bad English.
  5. After fresh installation of Windows 7 x64 SP1 and Online Armor Premium - latest version Internet Explorer 9, the 64-bit version, could not be used. After starting IE crashes in 2 seconds. Problem is not present if Online Armor is closed and shutdown or uninstalled. ???
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