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  1. thank you I am trying the first pre-release version know, on 64bit windows 8 RP. thank you,
  2. hello, please can I ask is there a windows 8 64bit version available yet? thank you
  3. thank you for the new beta and also for the performance feature, please may I ask, does using this feature also apply to the real time protection of the background guard or just manual or scheduled scans, thank you, please will you also consider my other post from Tuesday 4 sept, called update feature, thank you,
  4. hello, I too have been using Emsisoft Anti-malware 7 beta since release no problems thankfully, looking forward to next beta release,
  5. thank you. will there ever be a feature, were by there will be a option to choose say 3 cores out of 4? for a example? thank you, great product.
  6. hi, thank you for version 7 beta, installed running well, please can I ask does it make use of all cores on a multicore pc, thank you
  7. hello, thank for some great products, please may I ask any news on release of public beta for Emsisoft Anti-malware version 7, thank you,
  8. hello, is Online Armor compatible with windows 8 ? thank you
  9. hello, will Emsisoft Anti-malware version 6 work on windows 8 release preview, thank you
  10. hello, please can i ask will at some point Emsisoft Anti-Malware version 7 become a public beta? thank you
  11. hello, GT500 will this feature be in version 7,thank you,
  12. hello, please can i ask is Emsisoft Anti-malware able to make use of multicore processors, thank you
  13. hi, Thomas Ott, i would like to thank you for sorting this out, i have updated to checked outlook 2003 and there it is, installed ,Sorted, thankyou very much, great product, great support, thank you,
  14. hello, Thomas Ott, yes activate email scanning is ticket, and in COM addins there is No Emsisoft Anti-malware, thank you
  15. hello, Thomas Ott, i cannot find the plugin at all? its no were to be found?
  16. hello, i am using the lastest beta, i still cannot get anything to show up in outlook, thank you,
  17. hello, i have the same problem with windows 7 premium 64 bit and outlook 2003
  18. hello, this may help? i have been having problems too, i came accross another post in this forum, under beta thanks
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