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  1. hello, i am sorry, everything works ok know it auto updates, i found the problem nothing to do with Emisisoft Anti-malware, i have 2 children to help keep them a bit more safe on line i use something called untangle the freeversion, for some reason version 6 cannot up threw it? but version 5.1 can! thankyou,
  2. hi, thank you, i only time i get any thing in logs/update is if i do a manual update, thank you
  3. hello, i have sent the settings, thank you
  4. hi, thank you for your reply, manual update works fine with version 6,when i installed version 6 of Emisisoft Antimalware i did not get any alerts from onlinearmor? thankyou
  5. hello, i am sorry i mentioned this in another post to do with beta key! and then released its a different topic, sorry! i have uninstalled version 5.1 of Emisisoft Anti-malware, and installed Emisisoft Antimalware version 6, about 3 times each time everything works great except no auto update, nothing happens ,nothing in logs, no error message, nothing, each time, i uninstall version 6 and install version 5.1 everything works great including auto update! no problems. if i wait until version 6 is released threw beta updates in version 5.1, do you think this wil solve it? thank you
  6. hello, please can you let me know when its possible to update to version 6 threw 5.1 please, i have tried uninstalling 5.1 and installing version 6, but what ever i do , everything works great except i cannot get it to auto update? nothing happens, nothing in logs or anything, reinstall 5.1 everthing works great including auto update! thank you,
  7. thankyou, Fabian Wosar, for your help.
  8. thank you, can i upgrade threw 5.1, using the updater which includes betas,?? thank you
  9. hello, would it be ok for me to try the beta, Emisisoft Anti-malware 6??, were would i get a key, or could i use my licensed key? please advise/ THANK YOU!!
  10. hello, please can someone explain, please. while the number of malware signatures instead of going up? it seems to go up and down with differnt updates? at one point over 6milion at another point under 6million. thank you
  11. thankyou , hackerman1, you have been a great help
  12. sorry, i forgot, so BB and HIPS, will play nicely together? thanks
  13. hello, thankyou, i think i will also go with onlinearmor premium,thank you
  14. hi, i just recently bought Emisisoft anti-malware, how about using it with onlinearmor premium, would that make a good security setup? thank you for your advise,
  15. thank you for your help.
  16. hello, i recently purchased Emisisoft Anti-malware,Great Product, i see that there is a option to also download, use beta updates, is this a ok thing to do, the machine i use is a everyday machine, not a test machine, thank you, i am looking forward to version 6 thank you
  17. or is surf protection a webshield, sorry, my mistake,
  18. hello are there any plans to say add a webshield to Emisisoft Anti-malware
  19. hello, thankyou, sorry about changing the subject!
  20. thank you, i have just purchased Emsisoft anti-malware, please can you recommend settings for best security?
  21. hello, thankyou , is it possible to read those articles you were talking about? thank you,
  22. hello, new here, can someone tell me how e-mail is scanned please?
  23. hi,first time here, really looking forward to version 5, will there be a public RC ? thanks
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