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  1. I purchased licenses today for Anti-Malware and Online Armor and would like to know if the license time starts at the purchase date or first activation.
  2. I updated to Vista SP2 a couple of days ago and have not had an OA crash since! As I previously experienced, however, my laptop is now frustratingly slow.
  3. I did not know that about SP1...thanks for the heads up. I'll have to try SP2 again and maybe a clean install. There was no minidump created for the OA crash.
  4. Hello stapp, I have tried SP2 and there was a noticeable slow down as a result. The slow down was evident on all 3 Lenovo T61 laptops at home. Unfortunately, there are no OA error messages in the event viewer.
  5. Since installing OA 5.1 a few days ago I get a message at least daily that "Online Armor Component has stopped working". See attached file. I am running Vista SP1, Avira Premium on demand only and Sandboxie.
  6. Yes, it is the same issue. I am looking forward to fixes in the next release.
  7. Thanks catprincess. I was hoping there was a fix for OA forgetting that programs have been allowed / trusted.
  8. My OA Premium installation was updated this morning. Is there a change log? I have not been able to find one.
  9. I installed OA++ RC1 this morning and launched Chrome sandboxed with Sandboxie and immediately got a message that “Online Armor Component has stopped working.” Chrome was also set to “Run Safer”. Does OA, Sandboxie and Chrome still not work together without excluding Chrome in OA?
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